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Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by Ingster, Oct 2, 2015.

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    hello all, first of all I love my Apple Watch and love getting new straps for my Apple Watch, recently I have become a little frustrated, as I work with patients in hospitals we have a bare below the elbow policy when working with patients, at present I keep taking off and putting my watch on, what I'd thought was wouldn't it be good to have a short style strap (similar to the short end of the leather loop) that would pin to my tunic - effectively turning my watch into a fob like nurses have, OK my heart rate won't get recorded but I won't have to leave it on my computer desk whilst I deal with patients.

    What are your thoughts? Has anyone seen anything similar floating around?
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    You know, I'll bet a solution like the watch on a necklace, if stuffed down one's shirt carefully so the back is against the skin, it might still be a decent heart monitor. It's the exercise stuff like step counting that wouldn't register properly more than anything I would think.
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    Keep in mine if you plan to use this without strapping to your wrist you will need to disable PIN code or you'd have to enter it EVERY TIME. If you disable PIN code this also disables ApplePay.
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    Apple Watch Fob Band/Carabiner
    by Black Star Wearable

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    I put it around my ankle when at work. Easy to feel the taps when I get notifications or someone calls me. Still get to close my rings.
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    how about this??

    They can be purchased at Best Buy...
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    I think that's the best way to do it. You can still see the screen, you can still get your activity recorded, and so forth.

    I guess the wrist policies vary by hospital. Around here I see nurses with analog watches (usually; probably for taking pulse rate readings) all the time. I haven't seen any using an Apple watch, though I know you can set the screen to remain awake for 70 seconds at a time if you tap it.

    A lot of them seem to wear the watches face in. I guess that's a personal preference thing.
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    It is much easier to take a pulse (or work with your hands in any way) and see the watch when you have it face in. You don't have to lean over your wrist to watch the seconds tick by.
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    This is a great solution!
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    Hi, I am a surgical assistant and it grinds my gears that I have to take my watch off while at work. I am actively looking for something like a nurses fob for the apple watch to pin on my scrubs.
    I saw this morning a lanyard on amazon that you can wear around your neck, maybe fashion that somehow. But I am buying series four this weekend, and I might get one specially made,
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    Bucardo makes Apple Watch necklaces, lockets, and pocket watches.

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