NVidia 6800 Error Code?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by bigdz68, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. bigdz68 macrumors member

    Aug 23, 2004
    Bay YAYrea

    searched through the forums and can't seem to find anything about this. Also checked nVidia and google with no real luck.

    I ran diagnostics on my PowerMac G5 this morning after my system crashed to find this code during the video card test:
    2NVD/1/4: 2119

    Anyone have a clue? My system will start up but stops at the blue screens and just sits there. Currently running 2+ Gb of RAM and all the other apple diagnostic tests passed with exception of the card. I also have an ATI card installed to run a 3rd monitor but I can't remember the model as Im at work.

    I will try installing a backup ATi card when I get home but thought I would post to see if anyone had some thoughts. I have been using this card since 2004 and put it under some heavy stress for 3 straight years....but if its fixable that would be nice. I might have applecare left on that system but its very close to ending and I dont think it will apply to the card after all this time. No big deal just trying to find out WHAT the problem is.

    I was planning on upgrading to run 4-6 monitors anyways but since this is a 2004 G5 that will be a headache! Might as well splurge on the MacPro in a few months! But it still would be great to fix this in the meantime!
  2. the CreaTurE macrumors newbie

    Nov 7, 2007
    possible "solution", well ... sort of

    As I got the same problem with my Nvidia Geforce 6800 Ultra DLL Card and fiddled around for about 4 hours. I can now work again with some restrictions.

    I wondered, why I got graphics using Hardware Check which gave me a VRAM error code of 2NVD/1/4:2119 (where 2119 is the ROM Revision number of the video card).

    You might try this procedure:

    Start your Mac in Safe Mode (Safe Boot) by holding the shift key down right after you hear the startup sound - then let it go when you see the gray screen with the apple logo and the gray wheel turning.

    If you CAN boot into safe mode with the login screen and everything and have working graphics, then login and go to this folder:


    move all files that start with "GeForce" (I got 6 of them) out of this folder to a save place (Admin password required) - if you can't, copy them somewhere else and then delete them from the Extensions folder.

    After that, reboot normally.

    I did this and have a "working" display now, being able to do my work, but because of the missing drivers, some stuff will not work (playing 3D games, doing videochat or other stuff that needs Quartz Extreme or Core Image functions). At least, I have some time to consider which new graphics card to buy.

    Hope that helps some dropping by here :)
  3. rick001 macrumors newbie

    Nov 24, 2012
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    2NVD/1/4: 2119 hardware diagnostics error

    All these years later (2012) this work around just saved me BIG TIME. My wife's Powerbook started having Kernel Panics to the point where the computer was unusable. I won't be able to put off buying a computer forever but at least I can wait until AFTER Christmas. Whew!!!

    By the way, I copied the Gforce files (6 of them) to a backup folder without using safe mode and then moved them to the Trash, which did require my admin password, and then rebooted. No more Kernel Panics.

    Thank you Creature.
  4. Asgorath macrumors 68000

    Mar 30, 2012
    You realize that moving aside the drivers completely disables acceleration of all graphics in the system, right? To be honest, the card (and system as a whole) has probably reached it's end of life by now, so it's not really all that surprising that hardware components are starting to fail.

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