Nvidia 9600m card fried, switch to 9400m?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by isidore22, Jul 27, 2014.

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    Jul 27, 2014
    Hello good samaritans! I am in quite the jam here... Not the good kind of jam with strawberries in it either. =(

    (macbook pro [mid-2009-model] 2.66 core2duo with 9600m gt and 9400m graphics cards)

    Short version: I think my 9600m graphics card fried. I currently switched OSX to run on the 9400m card using the battery saver option. If I try to switch to bootcamp will it keep using the 9400m card only or switch back to the 9600m card that is barely functional?

    Details: It's been a very hot summer and I don't have a/c. My comp can regurlarly overheat and switch to standby when I try gaming on windows in bootcamp during the heat of the day.

    Story: I was gaming with my friend on bootcamp yesterday when all of the sudden my screen started flashing violently and my computer locked up. I had to force shut off my laptop. After that I struggled for hours to get my computer to start up successfully again. When I tried to load OSX my laptop got stuck in an infinite reboot loop. If I waited awhile and tried then my computer would almost load OSX successfully but then the top 1/3rd of my screen flashed violently while the bottom 2/3rds of my screen went completely black. When I rebooted into Windows XP my computer could not locate or recognize my 9600m card. It was as if it did not exist.

    This brings me to now. I got it working temporarily. I am in battery saving mode so that I utilize the 9400m card and not the (what I assume is damaged) 9600m. Can I keep my laptop running on the 9400m card or does bootcamp automatically use the 9600m by default?

    Thank so so much in advance for your time reading and any advice given!


    Here is a short clip of what was happening.

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    Bootcamp automatically uses the discrete graphics chip. Unless something has changed with Windows 8 and/or Bootcamp in the past year, graphics switching isn't possible through Bootcamp.
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    Jul 27, 2014
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    Nothing's changed, the iGPU on boot up is disabled so windows does not even see the iGPU

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