Nvidia CEO: Tablets to outperform mobile PCs in just five years

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    Nvidia CEO: Tablets to outperform mobile PCs in just five years

    John Callaham
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    The tablet PC market is certainly growing thanks to the popularity of Apple's iPad. However for pure performance, having a notebook PC is a consumer's best bet. But according to the CEO of graphics chip maker Nvidia, that will change and sooner than you might think. According to a report over at 9to5Google.com, Nvidia's CEO Huang Jen-Hsun believes that processors for tablet based PCs could start outperforming those in mobile PCs in just five years.

    Jen-Hsun made those remarks in a press conference this week during the Computex trade show in Taiwan. He also sees a time where the company's current Tegra mobile graphics chip business could see revenues that will go over Nvidia's current GPU PC business. While he doesn't see the traditional notebook PC as being affected much by the current rise of the tablet PC, Jen-Hsun does say that the "... netbook, which does not have a full functionality as a traditional PC, is being impacted deeply by tablet PC."

    Nvidia claims it will ship about 10 million of its Tegra mobile chips to its partners by the end of June. It's also prepping to launch the next version of the Tegra, code named "Kal-El". Nvidia showed off the capabilities of the new chip earlier this week with an impressive game-demo. That quad-core processor should be available in tablets and other products later this fall. Nvidia is also working on a ARM-based CPU that it has said will be used in desktop and notebook PCs, among other products.


    I keep tellin yas this. We'll be ditching our notebooks sooner than we think. PC sales are already taking a hit. These tablet-like devices are getting more powerful, and we can even mirror images on to our HDTVs. Check out the quality of some of the games on the App Store. Mind-blowing. We're doing word-processing on our iPads, photo editing, you name it. The shift is well underway.

    Jen-Hsun's calling for 5 years. I'll put it at 3. At this pace (specifically iPad demand and projected sales for 2012) that's certainly doable.
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    Laptops and dekstops have a form factor advatange, I'll say this, my laptop isn't going anywhere as long as iOS and Android have the limits the currently have
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    What good is that performance if I cannot use a word processor, spreadsheet access network resources in various windows at the same time.

    I can create content and manage servers a whole lot easier with a server. Just because tablets may (key word here - may) be faster in the future doesn't mean they'll be the right tool.
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    Not to rain on your 'tablets will rule them all' parade, but this is from your first link:
    Horses for courses. Tablets can be a mobile replacement for people that only have light mobile needs where as mobile power users will still carry a laptop. Just like people that only have light computer needs can use a laptop as a desktop replacement where as desktop power users aren't ditching their towers.

    Moving away from a one-size-fits-all computing form factor doesn't mean that the older form factors are dead anymore than the advent of the subcompact car killed off full sized trucks.

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    Tablets will never replace computers. Yeah, they may take a chunk of the market share and will probably become the more prominent device for home users. But I cannot envision myself typing my works on a tablet as of yet. I like a big screen, a better keyboard than Apple's flimsy bluetooth offerings, USB and lots of hard disk space. A tablet offers none of them to me. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    There are tonnes of places where computers will never be replaced if you think about it.

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