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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ScottC2105, Jul 5, 2008.

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    I decided to add this to a new thread as I believe it needs more attention then current threads about the NVIDIA issues. So please, mods, keep it a separate thread.

    I bought a new Macbook 15" on Monday and from the start I noticed it was running a lot hotter then my Notebook with similar specs with the same GPU. I carried on using it all the same, after World of Warcraft had finished installing I booted it up, I heard no fans and it got so hot I had to turn WoW off and place the Macbook Pro down on something else then my lap.

    I knew this wasn't right and I knew that my Macbook's life would be seriously affected if it gets that hot so fast. So, I took to the web to find a fan controller and I came across smcFanControl 2. I have been experimenting with it all week and I have found some great settings that keep the Macbook cool and barely warm when gaming.

    The whole system barely hits 66c when gaming on WoW for a few hours.

    If anyone is interested you can download smcFanControl 2 from here and here are my settings and custom profiles I made for it:

    Default: 2000RPM (Apple's Stock Setting)
    Games: 5500RPM (It's louder than normal but with sound coming from the speakers you barely hear it)
    AC-Power: 3800RPM
    Battery: 2850RPM
    Maximum: 6000RPM (Obviously, Maxed out)

    The routine I use is to turn the Games profile on before I start a game, start the game and when I am done with the game, close it, turn on maximum for 5 minutes then back down to Battery if on Battery or AC-Power if I am not.

    I believe this will help with the situation and I have all faith in this just been a fan issue with them not coming on fast enough or at all.

    I also have faith in Apple, in-fact I just got an Airport Extreme and iPod touch as I am so pleased with my Macbook Pro.

    Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

    Additional Info: You may wish to turn the following on in smcFanControl 2.

    TICK "Autoapply favorite when power source changes"
    Battery: Battery
    AC-Power: AC-Power
    Charging: AC-Power

    TICK "Autostart smcFanControl after login".
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    Jun 28, 2006
    SMC fan control is a well know program, and many people us it. However, the computer tends o run warm in general, warmer with things such as gaming. The notebook is not really a laptop, it is a notebook, so it will feel very hot on your lap, and is not really meant to sit on your lap in the traditional sense.

    I have talked to Apple about the heat issue many times in the past, and the machine is set to work within a certain set of temperature parameters. It will shut itself down if it is running too hot. There is nothing that says that running it at its stock temps will shorten its lifespan.

    This topic has been discussed many times on this forum and others. Do a quick search and you will have hours of reading.

    I have played WOW on my MBP. It is very CPU/GPU intensive, and the machine heats up when I am playing it. I would get an Ilap and the heat won't be an issue for you.

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