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    I don't know about (1)

    As for (2)...go into System Preferences and turn it off!:D
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    Really, all your acquaintances wanto immediate socialize with you? What a Brady bunch! :D
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    People with your phone number that also have an iPhone can know you have one without your knowledge if you leave iMessage on.

    As soon as I type someone's name in to send a text it then bubble around your name will turn from green to blue. This can probably be prevented by turning off iMessage. But then it sends an SMS, which might not be free like an iMessage (minus data).

    The same goes with FaceTime. If it rings you have an iPhone. If disabled you won't know.

    I question even getting an iPhone if you're going to turn off all the features but that's just me.

    Facebook is strange. If you are using an iPhone on it you might as well expect people to know your on an iPhone. There are probably setting you can turn off but I'm sure if someone really wants to know they will know.

    If you upload a picture to Facebook anyone there are ways to tell that it was taken with an iPhone. And depending on your settings you can even tell exactly where it was taken. And I'm not talking "round a bout" location. Check this out, this is a random pic I pulled from someone that I know wasn't at there own house.


    Using an Android device there is even an option for "Show on map". Forget knowing whether its an iPhone or not I even know its a 4S. And a pin point spot it was taken. I'm sure the same info can be pulled with a PC/Mac.

    To be honest for privacy (if such a thing exist anymore) I would avoid all smartphones.

    Edit: I'm noticing on new Facebook pics I'm having troubles seeing those details. Maybe now Facebook scrubs off that info, I still wouldn't trust it.

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