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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Toe, Feb 21, 2005.

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    Mar 25, 2002
    I predict that Tiger is scheduled to be released at just the time that Apple expects sales of iLife 05 to taper off. :)

    If I understand correctly, X.1 upgrades include the latest iLife apps, so Apple stops making money off iLife once they start selling the OS X upgrade. Ergo, iLife comes out in advance of the OS X upgrade so Apple can skim some money off the vanguard buyers. (That's just good business practice, in today's market.)

    Especially with iLife 05 costing $80, if Tiger still only costs $130, then who would buy iLife instead of Tiger? Or might Tiger go up to $160 or even closer to $200? Still, I think the two are linked.

    What was the timeframe between iLife 04 and Panther? I'll bet the timeframe between iLife 05 and Tiger will be similar.

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    Jan 20, 2004
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    Panther came out in October 2003. iLife 04 came out in January 2004.

    IIRC, the current Panther discs come with the older versions of iPhoto rather than iPhoto 4 so there's no precedent for 10.x.1 to come with the newest iLife. Sure it comes free with a new Mac but not otherwise ;)

    Next theory?
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    No, I'm pretty sure you are off base. First of all, Panther came out before iLife 04. Secondly, if your scenario was correct, then there would have been no reason for Apple to continue carrying separate packaged iLife after the release of Panther (but I know it was still on the shelf until iLife 05). As I recall, iLife 04 required Panther, so if you wanted iLife, there would have been no reason to buy it separately because you would also need Panther. In fact, I remember a promotion whereby you could get a discount if you bought both together.
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    How stupendously quickly we forget... or at least I do.



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