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Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by ajm222, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. ajm222 macrumors 6502a

    Sep 19, 2012
    I just bought a blue nylon apple band from walmart and noticed that after wearing it for a few days it gets distorted a bit. it's no longer straight and kind of has a curve to it side-to-side in addition to the obvious curve it takes on from wearing it around the wrist. i suppose given the material and weave and the way a strap curves around the wrist this is to be expected some. i also noticed that the plastic part that attaches to the watch had some slightly rough/unfinished edges. anyone else notice the same things? still love the band and seems very well made. just curious. thinking of getting one of the new nylon bands - specifically orange and blue.
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    Jul 14, 2015
    Welcome to owning a nylon watch band.

    Is it distorting because it's fitting tightly? Would using the next-looser hole make it too loose on your wrist (as in, loose enough to automatically lock itself)?
  3. ajm222 thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Sep 19, 2012
    thanks. good thoughts, though i wear it fairly loose as it is. just mainly wondering if this was all considered normal. not really a big deal. still looks good.
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    Relentless Power

    Jul 12, 2016
    There is some slight stretch to it and nylon eventually becomes distorted over time, depending how much you wear it. But I happen to think Apple's are fairly durable and mine have held up well.
  5. ajm222 thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Sep 19, 2012
    cool, thanks. maybe i'll post a pic later and see if it's typical.

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