O2 & iPad 3G Information (from my local O2 Shop)

Discussion in 'iPad' started by KingPasta, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Mar 31, 2010
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    Just been to my local O2 store to get my faulty sim card replaced and had a general conversation about the iPad (and a bit about iPhone OS 4.0). Most of this we already know, and is his own opinions, but I thought I'd post everything we chatted about - summarised anyway.

    * The O2 guy said he's played with OS 4.0 and said its awesome, apparently the manager at the O2 shop in Kidderminster (England) is a Dev and has the 4.0 OS already loaded up and he said the multi-tasking UI is a 'great user experience' (Obviously that is his opinion, but awesome!)

    * He mentioned that he is 'very sure' that a new iPhone will be announced/released this June (again his opinion, but nice to know about that!)

    * I asked about the iPad and he said O2 will be offering contract price plans for the iPad (ie. 12 month/18 month etc..) as well as a 30 day rolling contract, these to be announced late may (in conjunction with the UK release I presume)

    But the last bit of info I was really interested in

    * O2 won't be selling the iPad, only offering contracts for it, therefore no subsidised iPads from the networks (well O2 at least...)

    Looks like I will be pre-ordering a iPad 3G from Apple on the 10th May.
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    Here, little Avalon! Here here!
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    looks the same here in switzerland. Only funny thing: Why do they have an NDA agreement? They are not allowed to quote nay prices, because of ...what? That they are offering a data contract or PAYG for a mobile device? No way, they could offer this anyways if they aren't selling the pad directly.
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    I never said anything about subsidized. The original iPhone wasn't subsidized and this is coming from an O2 store employee. Obviously, the best of all information sources since Apple store employees are clueless about the 3G release dates and they work for the actual manufacturing company.

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