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    Hey Guys just a quick note.
    O2 have now released there data tarrifs for the ipad in the UK following Orange the other week.

    Introducing Pay & Go Mobile Broadband for iPad™

    Get connected with mobile broadband from O2. 500MB Pay & Go from just £2 a day. Or up to 3GB a month with our recurring tariffs. With us, you can do it all on the iPad, from set up to top up.

    Data Price
    500MB + unlimited Wi-Fi £2 a day
    1GB + unlimited Wi-Fi £10 a month (30 days), recurring
    3GB + unlimited Wi-Fi £15 a month (30 days), recurring

    Wi-Fi with The Cloud and BT Openzone.

    If you find that you're surfing a bit more than expected and need more data, you can always top up 500MB extra. And if you have a recurring tariff, you can top up with 1GB or 3GB.

    It's important to know that if you don't use all your data, it doesn't roll over. And at any time, you can only have a maximum of 5GB on your account.
    500 MB will cover 1 GB will cover 3GB will cover
    Read Internet Pages
    1 5,000 pages 10,000 pages 30,000 pages
    Download songs
    2 100 (about 10
    albums) 200 (about 20
    albums) 600 (about 60
    Download videos
    3 1 hour 2 hours 6 hours

    1 A typical web page is about 100KB of data
    2 A typical song is about 5MB
    3 A typical video is about 250MB over 30 mins

    Micro sim for iPad
    iPad uses a special miniature version of a normal sim, called a micro sim. A normal sim will not work with your iPad. You will be able to get a free O2 micro sim at O2 stores or at o2.co.uk. They're not there yet, but will be soon. Please check back for more information.

    SOURCE : http://shop.o2.co.uk/ipadtariffs/index.html
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    If the new iPhone has a micro sim which has been reported as possible would I be able to use that in an iPad for surfing?
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    Probably, but obviously your iPhone's phone functions wouldn't work while you were iPadsurfing.

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