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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kAoTiX, Oct 6, 2009.

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    I recently purchased a new iPhone 3G S direct from Apple for use on O2. I e-mailed them before I purchased to confirm I would get the free web and wifi bolt on for 12 months.
    They confirmed to me in an e-mail that I would so I continued to purchase the iPhone.

    My previous web and wifi bolt on recently came to an end so the new one was supposed to kick in. The new bolt on did not kick in and they tried to charge me £10 for the bolt on for the month.

    I called them up and was promptly told that via Apple, I do not get the free web and wifi bolt on. I kindly informed the rep that they were wrong and pointed them to an e-mail that I'd been sent from an o2 rep before I purchase the phone to confirm that indeed I would get the free web and wifi bolt on.
    After over 30 mins on the phone I managed to get them to reactivate the free web and wifi bolt on and refund me the charges that were taken while the bolt on was deactivated.

    This is just to let people know to always keep records of who you speak to on the phone and e-mail them if possible.
    The guy I did speak to was very helpful so they aren't all the same.
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    I know this website verywell indeed. Orange and Voda have felt my wrath on a couple of occasions. O2 may get to be on there soon as i got told i could upgrade by 1 person in October. I called up and they said due to recent changes i was no longer eligible unless i didn't want an iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can now upgrade in december apparently! considering the alternatives i may push back and see what they'll offer in december to keep a £75 per month contract!!

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