O2 UK Carrier.plist from a tethering enabled phone

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    *Sorry, just realised this is in the iPad section... should be in the iPhone section*reported*

    I'm not entirely too sure if this would work, as I don't know how carrier.plist allows/denies access to tethering.

    If you have an older contract on O2, you don't have tethering enabled by default. They want you to sign up to a nice new contract which frankly I don't want to do.

    By patching the commcenter to enable loading of unsigned carrier.plist files, it breaks the ability to use semi-tether - thereby rendering my iPhone useless if it ever needs rebooting.

    The only thing I change in my carrier.plist file is the removal of one APN, and the editing of another's type mask, and this popup goes away and I can tether. Yet on my standard plist, when I try to enable tethering, it brings a popup saying to use sign up for the tethering bolt on.

    Would someone, who has an fairly new O2 contract with tethering enabled by default, be able to upload or send me their carrier.plist? I'm interested in seeing if that will work to enable tethering without patching commcenterclassic. I doubt it, but it you don't ask... you don't get do you?

    I don't believe there's any personally identifiable information in carrier.plist files either as it's a standard file from the network.
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    Did you get this working

    Hi did you get the tethering working as I've got one of the old O2 unlimited data contracts and want to use tethering without taking out a bolt on.

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    Sorry never did get it working. The plist is the same file, so it has to be enabled on O2's end by the looks of it.

    The way around it is the commcenter hack and edit the plist removing all references to the tethering APN, and change the type mask of the standard APN to 55 to allow tethering through that.

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