O2 UK Customer Services and Jailbroken iPhones

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AlecEdworthy, Feb 4, 2008.

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    Has anyone else had problems when talking to O2 Customer Services because they're using an iPhone without being on an iPhone contract? I was talking to a member of their technical team over the weekend and he asked me to confirm that I was using an iPhone. I asked him how he knew and he said that the member of the Customer Services team who had transferred me could see it on their computer and had told him (how she knew I don't know, I wonder if their systems can tell not only what number you're calling from but also what handset it is - based on IMEI perhaps?). He said had to go and speak to another person to check some information regarding settings on my account and would call me back. When he called me back about 15 minutes later he said that they had noticed that I was using an iPhone but was not on an iPhone contract (I'm on a Simplicity contract) and while they could not stop me from using the handset, he would not be able to offer me any assistance with settings or other technical issues.

    Can Customer Services tell what handset I am using - or was it just a guess?

    Has anyone else had Customer Services refuse to offer them further assistance after it has become evident that they are using an iPhone without an iPhone contract? If so have they then found Customer Services unwilling to offer further assistance?

    I'm a little worried that me account will now be 'red flagged' and so if I call back in the future with any problems or requests, they may be less willing to help me than before. I have been an O2 contract customer since around 1998 and have been very happy with most aspects of my relationship with them since joining.

    For those wondering, I was attempting to get the SMS notifications of waiting MMS messages working (at the moment I don't get any notification at all, the MMS just disappears). I suspect that as I've had a handset with MMS capabilities in the past, my account is marked as MMS ready and so the network pushes the MMS out to my iPhone rather than sending the SMS alerting me to a waiting MMS (if I return the SIM card to my old phone then MMS messages appear as normal but on the iPhone nothing happens at all). If this is true then I guess that all I need to do is get the MMS feature turned off on my account, but given their reaction over the weekend I'm not so sure I'll bother trying to get this sorted.

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    Yep...every call made to a mobile network logs the phone number (even if withheld) the IMEI number of the handset and the location of the handset based on the cell towers used.

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