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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JDee, Jun 11, 2010.

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    For AT&T iPhone purchase information, click here.

    I thought I should start up this thread to help others if you have questions regarding how you should go about getting the iPhone 4 on the O2-UK network. If you have any extra contributions to make to this thread, please post to this thread. All posts will be read.

    1. I'm going to be a brand new customer to O2 - what can I do to get my hands on iPhone 4?
    Simply call O2 on 24 June. The number is at the bottom of this thread.
    Call in to an O2 store - they'll be busy.
    Order online.

    2. I'm not eligible for an upgrade yet. What can I do so I can get the new iPhone 4?
    O2 has now provided a service where all customers can now purchase an iPhone 4. From 24th June, 2010, all customers can pay an 'early upgrade fee' which allows you to upgrade exclusively to the new iPhone 4. You will need to pay £20 multiplied by the number of months until your next upgrade. For more information, please click here where you can use O2s calculator to work out how much 'early upgrading' will cost you. Note, this offer is only for getting you the right to upgrade earlier. This offer does not include a 3G S. Business rates exclude VAT on the calculator provided by O2.

    3. How long is this 'Early Upgrade Offer' valid for?
    This offer is only valid from 24 June 2010 to 24 July 2010. If you're interested in getting an iPhone 4 by using this deal, you better act fast.

    4. Do I have to sign up for a new contract with this offer?
    In order to take part in this deal, you must sign a new agreement with O2 (12/24 months). Remember, O2 has the right to eliminate any "cooling off period" you have if you agree with this deal. T&C found here.

    5. I want to pre order my iPhone 4 so I can be guaranteed to have it on release day.
    Unfortunately O2 has not provided us with any information in regards to pre ordering for the new iPhone. We suggest you sign up for updates by clicking here. O2 has been sending out mini-emails every day since 9th June. By clicking here, you'll be able to follow all the latest updates every day from the O2 team. A list of the updates are at the bottom of this post.
    We'll update this post to let you know when or if O2 are accepting preorders.

    6. In what current ways can I upgrade to the iPhone 4?
    O2 has announced that you can order the iPhone in the following ways for these different categories of customers:

    Pay Monthly:

    Take part in the Early Upgrade Offer
    Buy an iPhone 4 on Pay and Go
    Go to an O2 shop on 24 June
    Call the Upgrade Team (202 from your O2 mobile) on 24 June

    Pay and Go:

    Purchase an iPhone 4 on pay and Go


    Take part in the Early Upgrade Offer
    Go to an O2 shop on 24 June 2010.
    Wait until you're eligible
    Talk to your account manager
    Call Business Customer Services (8002, free from your O2 business mobile)

    7. What if I am a Pay Monthly / Business customer, buy a Pay and Go iPhone 4 and insert my microsim into the Pay and Go iPhone?
    This will be absolutely no problem at all. As of right now, we don't know if O2 will be allowing for pre orders. The UK Apple Online Store will be guaranteeing 24th June delivery and will be selling Pay and Go iPhones. If you're dying to get the iPhone 4 as fast as possible and O2 isn't doing pre orders, this might be the way for you. But please be cautious, we're not just aware of how the SIM to microsim procedure is going to work. We'd suggest you wait until we find out before proceeding.

    8. How much will the new iPhone 4 cost?
    Pricing strucutures have not been released yet by O2, although we can expect to see similar pricing plans on both Pay Monthly, Pay and Go and Business plans due to Apple's recent announcement for the iPhone to be sold for $199/299 (identical to last years 3G S price plans). We'll keep you posted.

    9. I want to buy the 3G S, will it still be sold?
    Great news. Apple has decided to release a new 8 GB iPhone 3G S model and replaced both the other models with the new iPhone 4. Some more great news is that you'll probably also be able to buy it for around £349, previous to the old 3G price. And you'll be able to get most of the features of iOS4 aswell!

    10. How can I check my upgrade status?
    Checking your upgrade status is simple. Simply text 'DATE' to 21302. Within a few seconds, you'll get back a text message stating your upgrade date. If you are on a business plan, simply half the upgrade date it gives you, for example... You are eligible for an update on 22/01/2012. This is technically correct, but because all customers get mid-term upgrades, it'll be on the 22 January 2011.

    11. How will I migrate my normal SIM to a micro sim?
    If you've already signed up to receive updates, you should receive a new micro sim by the release date of the iPhone 4, but if you don't, not to worry. When you buy the new iPhone 4, you'll get a micro sim included with it. We will post more information on how O2 will plan to migrate all your data plans & tariffs over from the big sim to the tiny one. We should receive more information on either Saturday 11th June or Monday 13th June.

    12. What about the new capped data plans?
    Many of you are slightly aggravated that O2 has introduced caps on data. Do not be alarmed. As O2 has mentioned, only 3% go over the 500MB limit. If you are currently on a smartphone plan with unlimited data and are wishing to upgrade to the new iPhone 4, unfortunately you will lose your unlimited data as part of your package. If you continue to keep your plan without upgrading, the next time you upgrade to a smartphone plan, you will receive the capped data limits.

    13. What about iOS4?
    iOS4 is the new iPhone operating system. You may remember 3.0 had MMS, cut, copy, paste and a lot of different new things, but the new iOS4 software brings you multitasking, backgrounds and over 100 new features. For more information, click here.**


    Email 1 (16 days to go): Find out how to Upgrade
    Email 2 (15 days to go): Tariffs for the new iPhone 4
    Email 3: (14 days to go): About the new micro-sim

    The pattern between each individual email in BST:

    Email 1: 9:26 PM
    Email 2: 2:06 PM
    Email 3: 3:00PM

    O2 Customer Contact Numbers and Information:

    O2 Sales Line: 0844 899 0202 (FREEPHONE: 0800 089 0217)
    Twitter: @O2

    ** not all features supported by iPhone 2G and 3G.​
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    Thank you for putting this together, great work. Keep it up :)
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    I was just about to post some questions about this pre order malarky! But you have answered them for me. Thanks

    just wondering if you go on the apple website it says you can preorder it and gives you the option of clicking on the o2 shop. Hmmmm strange times.
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    No probs.

    Just interested in your second comment, where does it do this? I'm trying to find it :p
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    Ah my mistake I clicked on the where to buy an iPhone part of the apple page. Sorry for any pre excitement!!

    I am not enjoying this lack of clarity.
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    He's probably looking at the 3GS.

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