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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by FriDay85, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. FriDay85 macrumors member

    Nov 10, 2007
    I'm going to Spain next week and will be taking my iPhone.

    Am i right in saying if i turn Data Roming to Off this will prevent any unnessary charges? ie, if i try to connect to facebook, twitter, or mail it will not work? This is what i want, so i'm not charged.

    Does turning Data Roming off prevent my email being pushed to me? Or do i also have to set Push to Off under Fetch New Data?

  2. andyhargreaves macrumors regular

    Dec 23, 2007

    Also correct!

    No. Turning off data roaming is a universal control.

    Have fun!
  3. craig1410 macrumors 65816


    Mar 22, 2007
    I've been to France and Spain with my iPhone in recent years and never had any issues. I turned off all my push services and set my email to manual fetch. I also turned of the global roaming initially and when I got to my destination I reset the data counters so that I could track my usage. I then used the phone for the occasional bit of map downloading or emailing or web browsing by switching on roaming for a few minutes and then back off. If you are a bit wary of this then just disable 3G and then you know that data can only move at a relatively slow speed. Just keep an eye on usage and you will know what it is costing you. Also, you can text a number at O2 to get an up to date (more or less) cost of data roaming. I forget the number but it's the same one you use to check your remaining texts and mins.

    I found this method of selective roaming to be very effective and soon learned to trust the phone to a large extent. It doesn't seem to eat up data if you have fetch and push turned off and avoid heavily graphical websites. Ended up costing me something like £20 for 2 weeks in Ibiza even though I was emailing, twittering and checking Wimbledon scores and F1 results. If you intend to use it more than that then get a data roaming package from O2 before you go.

    Oh, and try to get a map of WiFi hotspots before you go or failing that just walk about the street and you will soon pick up an open WiFi access point from a restaurant or bar. This is free!! There is actually an App in the App store for Ibiza WiFi access points believe it or not! "WiFiTrak" app is good for finding open access points.

    Hope this helps,
  4. JadedBen macrumors regular

    Aug 14, 2009
    Essex, UK
    Yep, all i do is turn the data roaming off and use whatever wifi i'm near when i go to work in Holland, i've been doing this for the last 7 months & havn't had any extra charges over my normal contract.

    Just so you know, The EU data charge is £3/MB, just incase you do need to use it on the move.
  5. Tomb85 Guest


    Apr 29, 2009
    When I went to Tenerife I HAD to Shazam something, no wifi, so I turned off Data roming. All my email came flooding in. Cost me so much. Ouch...
  6. stridemat Moderator


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    Apr 2, 2008
    I went travelling around Europe for a month. Took my iphone and turned off Data Roaming. Never got charged anything extra for data.

    It was invaluable for booking hostels while hijacking unprotected WiFi such as that in Macdonalds and Starbucks. I had no idea there were so many all over the place.

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