O2 Wireless Router not accepting 25 different entries for port forwarding

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    Hi there

    I have just got a Synology DiskStation which in my opinion could do with a more well written manual. Anyway I am connecting it to my network and I am trying to set up port forwarding on my O2 Wireless Box IV router [rebranded Thompson SpeedTouch TG587nv2 router]. I have 25 different entries for my port forwarding but everytime I try to assign it to my diskstation, it doesn't assign. I reduced the number down to about half and they assigned.

    When I then tried to assign the rest, I got the error message:
    The port configuration of the game or application conflicts with an already assigned game & application. Assigning this game or application is not possible.
    Now there are no conflicting port numbers as far as I can tell and if their were, it wouldn't let me add them when I created the complete and then partial listings.

    UPDATE I have now found out what is causing the problem. When I have port 5001 mapped to 5001 and port 22 mapped to 5016, it causes the problem. Leaving in just port 22 produces the error message. Leaving in port 5001, whether port 22 is included or not, produces no error message and nothing happens. I suspect corrupt settings somewhere because I don't have port 22 or 5001 assigned. I use to have port 5001 assigned to a Slingbox but I changed that to 9999 to avoid such conflicts.

    If anyone has experienced this or something similar I would be grateful of your comments.

    Kind regards
  2. infobleep, Jul 15, 2012
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    UPDATE 2: Having reset my router the problem appears to be with the Slingbox. Although I've changed the port number and I've not even set up any port forwarding for the Slingbox on the router, the router is saying port 5001 is already assigned.

    My next task is to take the Slingbox off the network and see what happens. I may even have to reset my router for a third time without the Slingbox connected. Talking to Slingbox isn't an option because my experience last year suggested they were not interested in helping customers with their problems. Either that or they do not have enough staff to provide that service.

    UPDATE 3: Problem located. It was the Slingbox. I reset the router without the Slingbox connected and I was then able to set up port forwarding to port 5001 for the DiskStation. Under the previous configuration I even removed the Slingbox device but it made no difference. This despite the fact I hadn't even set up the port forwarding for port 5001 myself. Clearly the Slingbox is doing something by itself. I did however go to the Slingbox setup page but only to change the port from 5001 to 9999. Perhaps I needed to do that stage later on but I wasn't to know that. It's not exactly documented anywhere. Besides the Slingbox should be designed so this doesn't happen. I won't be contacting Slingbox because I doubt they will be interested.

    I didn't test just restarting the router but I did save the different configurations I've used so I can and will test these out next.

    Hopefully these information might prove useful to someone else in the future. I'm sure the Slingbox isn't the only hardware to do such a thing as this.

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