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    I started to read the the Objc-C for Absolute Beginners again and can to the first iPhone programming part. It was designed for Xcode 3 and I am trying to implement it for 4. It says to type in the instance variables and the 2 methods. Then open up IB. I jumped to IB first and built the buttons because I know I can just click drag the IBOutlets and IBActions.

    The book told me to to call the project 'RandomNumber' and to write out the methods in the 'RandomNumberViewController.m' where we would link them. But when I drag buttons to the window in the RNVC .xib in the interface builder they fill the whole window area, weird thing happen? the Label snaps all the way to the left too? The program also created the RandomNumberAppDelegate.h and .m files and I can see the standard window in the .xib file.

    Is the book out dated? Should I be using the AppDelegate instead of the custom class I created 'RandomNumberViewControler' to link all the labels and buttons, or does it matter?


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