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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by Jason Beck, Jun 2, 2010.

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    So ... I love this game. It's awesome. But I am stuck for a moment. I am in I think world 2 (the plane of Oblivion with the embers of hatred and those towers named like tsunami, etc.). I found that "hidden" cave not on the map and went in and made it to that little pool of lava you have to jump in and swim through to get the boss level fleshy pod. The loot was well worth it. In any case, I didn't think about getting out! LOL

    I have the seastride water walk potions and thats all good, and good heals so I throw a heal while I am walking on the lava to the hole to jump back out. I get there and *almost* make it out. Seems my 35 acrobatics were not even close to high enough. In any case i have leveled my acrobatics, in that little cave mind you, to level 58. I am now almost jumping right out! I am a journeyman now, but I think you need at least expert to jump out fully.

    My question is, is what level is expert acrobatics attained? Journey was at 50, so maybe 60 or 75 for expert? I have spent a good 2 hours just leveling acrobatics to get out of the cave lol. It's working I think and with every level my height goes up I think. Not really a big deal but it is rather time consuming.

    Has anyone been there, gotten the loot and jumped out? What level were your acrobatics? My wife every few levels is like, "Oh look your almost there!" lol. She notices that I am jumping higher, so I think what I am doing is working. I am just jumping while moving and casting and swinging my weapon to level my acrobatics.

    Oh well. Going to go jump some more. I shall return here later to see if any of you guys remember this part of the game! : )

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