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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Dannyshing27, Jul 15, 2014.

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    My first ever apple computer a macbook A1181 early 2007 has been my pride and joy until lately.

    At first I noticed that the moment the laptop was turned on the screen would light up and then go black, a few moment later I would get the apple logo then black again and the macbook would go to sleep. Upon pressing of the space bar the laptop would wake for a few seconds of screen time without backlight (the lid is open off).

    Firstly I replaced the battery connector, which I understand is responsible for sleep control. This did not fix the issue

    Secondly I replaced the logic board, which again did not fix the issue.

    Upon replacing the logic board I noticed the battery had bulged and was no longer holding charge, so I placed it to one side.

    The computer functions through an external display which allowed me to install insomniax, which I am lead to believe actually disables the sleep function in OSX. However despite it being disabled the computer still goes to sleep instantly. I have checked energy saver and all the settings are correct.

    I have now reached the end of ideas apart from replacing the screen inverter, which I do not believe to be a problem as I have on occasion noted the screen to be functional

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated

    kind regards
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    Can I ask the obvious: Have you re-installed Mac OSX?

    Whenever I have been faced with logic defying problems, a re-install of the OS usually helps:apple:

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