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Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by Luba, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Luba macrumors 65816


    Apr 22, 2009
    I've been searching for additional watch bands for my SS AW2. I currently have the White sport band that came with my AW2 and recently bought the black Nike sport band.

    So far it seems to be the White sport band is the spongiest, which is perhaps why it's the heaviest.

    The Nike sport band fits differently than the regular sport band because the band hole layout is different.

    I like how all the sport bands are somewhat rigid which means I can wear it loose and it keeps its round shape instead of flopping over like the Milanese would.

    Many of the sports band are sold out or with limited availability. Any idea why Apple so many colors are often sold out? Why isn't Apple ramping up production if there's this strong desire for bands? And found out many colors get discontinued. If you see a band color or style you like I would buy it right then and there since it may not be available when you want it. I thought I'd wait until one of my bands got more worn out and then purchase the sport band I was intrigued by, but it may not be around when I'm ready to purchase.

    I had the Milanese with SS AW0 and it was very comfortable, but over time the magnetic lost its strength and it was a little annoying that I had to adjust it through out the day.

    The black Milanese scratches. It scratch the ceramic back after only two days of wearing it and I was very gentle taking my AW off and on. But there's a level of magnetic attractiveness with the SS body of AW so it's hard to keep the black Milanese from touching the ceramic back, and scratching it.

    The SS link bracelet looks great and it is very comfortable to wear, but I read it scratches easily and it's $450, plus Apple says it's not even water resistant. I took out some the links that make the band longer or shorter and it's very easy to do. Some link need an extra to pull it out, but it's easily adjustable. The butterfly clasp is nice. Opening and snapping shut the butterfly clasp is easy and with a nice positive click. Maybe the link bracelet is not water resistant because it's easy for water to be trapped in those links

    I didn't like the nylon for comfort, but an Apple store rep said the nylon needs time to break-in.

    I never considered leather as I thought it was too delicate and suspectible to water damage, but an Apple employee said she works out with it and has gotten it wet. The only thing that happened was that it made the leather a bit darker, a patina she called it. A friend told me after wearing a leather band every day for 2 years the band begins to smell and he couldn't get the smell out. So it seems leather bands have a life expectancy of about 2 years.

    After looking at Apple's leather bands I wondered about Hermès leather straps compare to Apple's? Hermès is twice as expensive, but they probably aren't twice as good, are they? I'd settle for significantly and noticeably better. :) In any case, what does one look for in determining if a leather watch band is well-made? I haven't examined a Hermès band yet.

    Do you have any observations to add regarding Apple watch bands?
  2. Eddie3345 macrumors regular


    Nov 20, 2016
    Portland ,OR
    It really depends on your life style on which band better suits YOU and your needs / wants. If you aren't an "active" person no need for sport bands. Although you mentioned the white being "spongier/ heavier" i don't really feel what you are talking about with that one. If you are always in a suit and tie maybe the milanese loop is better suited for you or the classic buckle maybe leather loop...? I was waiting for you to mention the leather loop!!! No word of it. I have 4 sport bands ( Black , white , red , Nike anthracite ) Black nylon woven , Brown leather loop and Stone loop. So needless to say i have a few bands. If i were to guess which band i wear the most i'd say a sport band. I also ride my bike to work most of the time and go to the gym 3/4 days a week so being a little more sporty fits MY lifestyle. When i have important meetings and what not i wear either the leather loop or nylon woven band. I would like a link band but for the cost just not worth it to me. My second most of the time band is my leather loop. My brown one is my nice one my Stone i beat and bang and not worried about that one. Ive ridden my bike with it on went to the gym (accidentally) with it and i just simply take it off and with a soapy damp rag wipe it off and call it a day. I personally think apples leather products are great. I haven't had either band for more than a year but i do wear my watch everyday. If you want to try Hermès thats up to you. Id say try leather loop. little bit less cost and see how you like apples leather products for yourself. ok I'm done talking!
  3. Luba thread starter macrumors 65816


    Apr 22, 2009
    I didn't try out the leather loops in the store today. The Apple Specialist tossed in the idea of leather. I didn't think of asking to try the leather loops too. I just looked at Apple.com and there are now only two colors?!? I remember in the past there were more choices for leather loop.

    Is the leather band the most comfortable for you to wear? I'm not particularly active, but never wore or considered a leather band because I know I won't be able to keep it from getting wet. But according to the Specialist getting leather wet is no big deal. If leather is more comfortable in all-day wear than sport I'll get leather and not worry about getting it wet.

    I was surprised at how comfortable the sports bands were so I stuck with them with my AW2. I wore the Milanese exclusively when I had AW0. Milanese very comfortable in the beginning or for 8-9 months, then I had to start adjusting more and more each day. Yeah, really like the look and feel of the Link bracelet, but I can get so many more bands with $450. It even costs more than the Hermès!

    I felt that the white sport band when new was more cushion like or sponge like than the other colors. It's a subtle feeling and maybe I'm imagining it, but I'm thinking that's the reason it weights more than the other colors.
  4. Gav2k macrumors G3


    Jul 24, 2009
    The link does mark but you can bring it back to its former glory with a scotch bright pad. Takes all of a minute.

    You can also get it wet as I clean mine every week in an ultrasonic bath. The secret is to rinse it and dry fully. I use an air duster.
  5. Eddie3345 macrumors regular


    Nov 20, 2016
    Portland ,OR

    Again me personally i have 1 nice apple product and 1 everyday apple product. My storm leather loop is my daily beater. I do feel very comfortable with it. I have a smaller frame and no hair so for me its easier to wear. Try the leather band if you want and worst case you get 2 years out of it. If i personally had a classic buckle as an everyday wear every few days id take it off wipe it down with a soapy towel and wipe down depending on how wet is is let it air dry and thats it. little bit of daily maintenance got a long way. But by then AW5 will be imbedded into your wrist so no need to even have bands!.

    The sport bands are comfortable if you find the right hole (ha..) not too tight to where it leaves an imprint on the skin but not too loose to where it's flip flopping around your wrist. I wouldn't have a Milanese for everyday wear because scratches and yes magnets lose attraction over time.

    All new sport bands feel a little different than broken in ones. Wear a black sport band that has a year of everyday wear on it and then put on a brand new black sport band and it feels newer. Same thing can apply with anything in life. New shoes , new car , new wife...

    Ok well if you still want the hermès go for it. You have 1 life and be happy. When i look down at my watch no matter what band i have on i smile because thats the band i wanted and i feel I'm wearing it for me.
  6. SoN1NjA macrumors 68000


    Feb 3, 2016
    the pool
    Wow that's a lot... like a mini review for every band

    I share the same opinion with the Space Black Milanese Loop though, sucks it scratches the body

    The Saddle Brown Classic Buckle held up amazing for me, and looked great after some use, great band, even got it wet!

    The Link Bracelet is really nice, don't buy one from Apple (eBay and MR Marketplace has them a lot cheaper!), looks great just don't work out with it; Apple should give a Sport Band to people who buy a stainless with a band other than the Sport Band, with it being so expensive and it's a fitness watch users should be ready out of the box

    I love the Sport Band, they're really high quality but they're not so soft after a while, and the black one gets stuff on it that no other Sport Band gets

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