Occassional battery depletion on standby

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    I've got an iPhone 3G with the 2.1 software update. One night last week I charged my phone, took it off the charger and used it for a while with the 3G on. I don't have push on the phone or anything (and fetching is a little glitchy anyway, right?), and I went to bed. I woke up the next morning with a dead phone.

    Since then I had perfect battery life until today. I had charged my phone fully last night, woke up and went to church and such, then got home and took a pretty long nap (4 hours, I was tired). So I wake up and I'm at 10% battery. Standby since last charge said 9 hours (about right) and usage said 5 hours. I find that hard to believe since I was asleep for like four of the 9 hours since the last charge, and was in church most of the other time so I wasn't using the phone.

    Anyone have this problem or know what's up? I don't know if it's a faulty battery or what, or if there is some sort of rogue app that gets hung and constantly transmits data or something.
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    Mine just started doing that a few days ago. My usage AND the standby are indentical. By the end of the day, I have 14 hrs of standby, and 14 hrs of usage. Battery pretty much dead.

    This started happening after I messed with nuevasync. Apparently something's wrong with Apple's 2.1 firmware that should be addressed in 2.2 (according to Nuevasync).

    Maybe one program is not shutting down like its supposed to?
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    When you see this turn the phone off and then turn it back on. Should stop what ever is stuck.
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    I've noticed this same problem. My issues was caused by one of my IMAP email accounts (not push). The phone would try to connect to the server, in the background, and download mail but there was an error. The phone doesn't display the error but keeps trying to connect to the server. An endless loop which quickly sucked the life out of my battery.
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    I've had this problem before too, but only once. I wouldn't worry unless it always happens
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    You have a stuck App running in the background or like stated above an email account that is not shutting down when you hit the home key.

    Two fixes. When done with email or App...press and hold the home key until the program shuts down about 7-10 sec depending on the App. Or shut your iPhone off for about 10 secs then turn back on.

    You stated that you were doing some stuff on your iPhone in bed which confirms that something did not shut down. Every night before I go to sleep I shut the phone off and then turn it back on and not activate any app. This fixed my same problem. During the day if I see my battery start draining fast, I shut it down real quick and turn back on...problem solved.

    There are Apps that are staying active and email is also getting stuck in endless search loops.

    Hope this helps...Good Luck

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