OCR X installed Java 1.6 on my Mac, how do I get rid of it

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by katewes, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. katewes, Jun 13, 2013
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    I installed this free OCR software, and while installing it, it went ahead to install Java 1.6.

    I had kept my Mac Java-free because of Java's vulnerabilities, but somehow accidentally approved OCS-X's installation of Java. When it was installing, there were a few windows open, and one of my clicks must have approved the installation of the Java 1.6

    It seems that this Java 1.6 is not the latest version. It does not create a Java icon in the Preference panel.

    I am peeved that, if OCR X required Java, why did it cause a presumably older version of Java to be installed, rather than the latest one. It seems this has bypassed the Mac's control of Java, since the installation has not created a Java icon in Preferences.

    I'm quite irritated that this seemingly earlier version of Java has been installed on my ML Mac, almost getting past my guard. Now I have no idea how to get rid of it, since there is no Java icon in Preferences.

    I assume that having this earlier Java leaves the Mac vulnerable due to Java's problems. Any ideas?
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    Java's vulnerabilities relate to the fact that code running in the browser can escalate out of that environment and onto the rest of your computer. Turn off Java in the browser, and you're golden.

    Otherwise, Java is no more dangerous than all the other languages and scripting environments on your Mac, for which code could be written to do bad things -- Ruby, Python, Perl, JavaScript, AppleScript, Unix shells, Objective C, etc, etc. The only problem is getting my naughty code onto your machine.

    Java 6 doesn't have a Pref pane. Java 7 does.

    If your software needs a particular version of Java to run, then you need that version.

    If you really want to delete the OCR software and then remove Java, there are plenty of websites that will show how to do this.
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    Jun 7, 2007
    I contacted the developed of OCR-X, and he assured me that it is a Mac function that governs the downloading of Java. i.e. if the app requires it, Mac OS asks you if you want to download Java, and indeed it does download the latest version of Java.

    Also, the developer said that the App Store version of OCR-X does not rely on the machine's Java - rather, it runs Java in a sandbox.

    So I deleted the OCR-X install, and instead installed it via the App Store. That way I can use OCR-X without having Java installed on the overall Mac.

    I found instructions online to delete the Java.

    Incidentally, he said that version 1.6 is version 6, an 1.7 is called version 7. So that means that the 1.6 is the latest Mac version, as of today.

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