OCZ SSD Firmware Update and Secure Erase Tool for Mac Users

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    OCZ has come out (it's actually been out for a few months) with a Linux based GUI utility (bootable app) that allows you to boot into the GUI Utility to update firmware on OCZ SSD Drives and also allow you to do a Secure Erase to reset your OCZ SSD to factory state. If you are looking to do a complete rebuild with Mountain Lion then this is the icing on the cake for OCZ SSD owners. Just remember that the secure erase option will completely wipe (reset actually as it is not at all the traditional over-writing procedure) your drive so unless you have experience with building OSX from scratch (i.e. what you go through after you install a new OS HD) you might want to do some homework on that task before you venture down the secure erase path.





    It sounds heavy duty but if you read through the steps you only need to DL the utility, burn it to a CD, then boot into the CD by holding down the Option key, then choose your SSD and choose firmware update. It takes a nano second to complete (what do you expect... its an OCZ SSD) and won't effect your data on the drive.

    I had no problems updating the firmware on my OCZ Agility III 240GB SSD and also had no problems doing a secure erase. There are some comments with secure erase in relation to SSDs that freeze during this op (the secure erase op - no the firmware update) but that didn't happen with me. My OCZ drive is in a MacMini Server 2011. There is also no need to take your SSD out of the Mac, nor is there any need to plug it in as the non-primary as was the case in the past.

    Just make sure you read the instructions first. The actual 'open heart surgery' on the SSD only takes a few minutes once you are set.

    Also one more point, updating the firmware doesn't (or didn't for me) effect your data/partitions etc on the SSD. Unless that is, your operation is a secure erase.

    The OCZ tool box works on:

    OCZ Vertex, Vertex Plus, Agility, Solid2, Vertex2, Agility2, Vertex3, Agility3, Solid3, OCZ Revodrive, Revodrive x2, Revodrive 3, Revodrive 3 x2, IBIS, Vertex LE, Vertex EX, Vertex2 EX, Vertex2 Pro, Vertex4, Agility4, Octane, Petrol, and Octane S2 drives.

    Anyway, this info is simply for your information so all the best. And make sure you are fully versed in the procedure before going ahead and understand the risks.

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    My mini mouse was going ape***** - no scroll and jumping.. reset pram and smc - lion then recognized a glitch with the ssd (ocz) vertex 3 - that the temp was stated to be 128 (the memory size) - basically caused the fan to run at 5000 rpm.. (too fast) - found this thread:


    clicked the temp fix only - will update after i get all of my data backed up.. holy 555555hhhiiiiitttttt... first though i broke the fan.. then that apple didn't like my ocz - was in the desert - thought i had to do a clean install.. it's an easy fix - (CLICK PARTITION TAB FIRST THEN RESTORE - WHEN SETTING UP USB and ALWAYS SHUT DOWN FULLY - LIKE THE GUY SAYS.. ):p
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    Fact is that if you have a MAC PRO EFI 32bit the UPDATE TOOL will NOT WORK, cause its only for 64 bit PC. how crap is that ?

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