OD Master Replicating to nonexistent servers.

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    Jan 13, 2011
    Hey All,
    Thank You for reading and I hope that I can get some help on this forum. Just to let you know, I have been reading extensivly on my problems and really need some help with the following issues. I will first state the problems as precisely as I can, and then tell you what I have done (if anything), later.

    I have a Mac Mini server running 10.6.5 server (.5 updated a few weeks ago). This server is running AFP, DNS, Open Directory, Print and SMB. It is also running VMWare, and a CRM called ACT!. This vmware is on bridged mode, because it does share it's ACT! database with the other PC's on the network. This is necessary in our work environment, as the clients are PC's. We also have a Airport Extreme router running NAT and Port Forwarding for external management and it is on bridged mode (b/c of Verizon). All the PC's are running Windows XP Professional. All is wireless.

    1. My largest problem is that the PC's are flaky when it comes to binding to my OD Master server. Just to let you know, DNS resolutions are working. On top of this, the OD Master seems to be replicating to the vmware ip addresses. I think this may be a source of the problem and I have gone into WGM and removed ALL instances of the ip addresses. I have restarted and still found it to be replicating to those numbers. Can any of you help me remove this problem, as I think this is a root to the issue.

    2. My screen sharing no longer works. It is enabled in system preferences but it won't work in/out house. No clue why.

    3. I cannot wire my server to the router, but I can wire the clients to the router. Would this help or not?

    I have been calling Apple like no tomorrow, but little help has come my way. I have destroyed and rebuilt this OD server several times. There are no replicas (due to the size of the infrastructure). I would like to setup a simple OD server where users from PC's can authenticate and mount their respective folders to edit. If any of you are familiar with VMWare, is there a way to circumvent/destroy those interfaces vmnet1 and vmnet8 without losing access to the internet? My client is dependent on VMWare to work as ACT! stores her entire business career. I am a fast responder and desperately in need of answers!
    Thank You,
    Syed Zaidi

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