Odd AirPort issues that just popped up yesterday + kernel panic

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Spring Rubber, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Spring Rubber macrumors newbie

    Apr 4, 2009
    I have a three month old unibody MacBook, and up until yesterday, AirPort seemed to be working just fine, but over the past 15 hours or so, it has lost its wireless connection to the router four times. Two of the times, AirPort reconnected to the router on its own within a matter of seconds. One of the other times, AirPort said that it was enabled but not connected to any networks, and I had to manually reselect my router in the drop-down to reconnect. Now this morning, AirPort lost its connection to the router yet still showed that it was properly connected, but I couldn't access my network or the Internet at all. As soon as I disabled and re-enabled AirPort, everything was fine.

    On top of this, I also got my first kernel panic yesterday for seemingly no reason while I was submitting a post to a forum, and I've submitted dozens of posts to that forum before without problem, so the forum can't be to blame.

    Normally one random disconnect from my router wouldn't be alarming, but four disconnects in the last 15 hours combined with a kernel panic that may or may not be related certainly has me searching for answers. I'm certainly quite confounded, especially considering that I haven't modified anything with my system, nor have I installed any programs in a long time. Should I be alarmed, or could this all be some coincidence?
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    Jun 27, 2007
    Power cycle the router. Turn power off on router. Wait 15 to 30 seconds then power on router.

    Kernal panic is usually hardware or in some cases software. If it happens a few times you should get it checked out by apple.
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    Apr 4, 2009
    I'll try that, but I'm suspicious about this MacBook because none of the other computers on the network have had any disconnects from the router at all. :\

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