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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by spadz93, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. spadz93, Feb 11, 2015
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    Nov 24, 2009
    I'll apologize in advance if this is long, but i figured i'd try to be descriptive.

    I ordered a brand new NuPower battery from OWC for my late 2008 unibody MB. I did the 12 hour charge, then the depletion, then the full charge, as per their site's conditioning instructions. Now, the macbook acts rather strange

    1. I have a difficult time getting it to charge to 100. I'm not saying it gets hung up in the 90's, i'm saying it doesn't like going past whatever number it feels like (it's gotten hung up at 47, 62, 77, etc).

    2. During the times where it gets hung up, if i remove the charger, 8/10 times the laptop will shut down immediately; not a system shut down, more like a removed-the-battery shut down

    3. The battery indicators on the left-side of the laptop do not light up when you initially connect the charger, as they normally used to.

    4. If I close the lid while on battery power, the computer will sleep for a while, but again, 8/10 times when i go to use it again, the computer is in a hibernation mode.

    SMC/PRAM resets have not helped, and i am on the latest EFI/SMC versions. I would test apple's calibration, but i can't get the damned thing to fully charge. Does anyone think this could be a failing magsafe board (or worse, logic board), or is this battery related?

    EDIT: my sister has the lower-tier of this model (i have the 2.4, she got the 2.0). Do the magsafe board/battery cables interchange between the models? She's willing to let me use it for spare parts since she decided to go back to the dark side (wi-....wind......windows)
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    Firstly, as the battery is 3rd party, my primary suspicion is related to that battery. If you still have the old battery lying around, try whether the problem repeats.

    Secondly, the MagSafe boards in the 2,0 and 2,4 unibodies are identical, so if you feel like it, you could try (but rule out the battery issue first).

  3. spadz93 thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 24, 2009
    my last battery was 3rd party too, but theyre reputable for making good batteries (always the possibility of a defective one, which is why i'm having a new one sent out to me).

    I have a magsafe board and a new battery connector cable coming in the mail, so instead of tearing open two laptops to get to that tiny thing, i'll just tear mine open and replace both at the same time to try and see if it helps

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