Odd CarPlay behavior, car stereo auto-plays deleted tracks


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Sep 25, 2012
Alberto, Canado
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knew about this.... erm.... odd behavior. It's a minor irritation to me, but maybe I'm just overlooking somewhere (I already looked) to set up the Settings correctly....

Anyways. My iPhone XS, with CarPlay enabled, on my Honda (has built-in CarPlay support). Every time I have Bluetooth on, as soon as I start the car's engine, the first thing that the Honda's stereo does is to auto-connect to my iPhone (CarPlay via Bluetooth), and many times it automatically plays a random song (track) that was long ago deleted from my iPhone!

So the car is possessed? How the hell does it know I once downloaded some filthy profanity-strewn song by Eminem to my iPhone, but deleted it more than 2 years ago. The song was deleted over 2 years ago, the car is less than 1 year old. And now the Honda is automatically playing a random song that is no longer physically stored in my iPhone??

Two things I find odd here:

1) The Honda's CarPlay is automatically playing tracks as soon as it connects to the phone via CarPlay. I looked, I find nowhere to disable auto-play. Is there a setting to disable this? I don't see it. Or is this a peculiarity on my Honda's CarPlay system?


2) Even if the auto-play of albums don't bother me much, I really don't want my car playing songs that I no longer keep on my iPhone. It's not in my iPhone's Playlist, it's not even on my iPhone's downloaded albums. But when my old retired dad comes and hitches a ride with me, he gets blindsided by the F-bombs from the randomly chosen songs (many of which I deleted from my iPhone and iMac long ago) -- Eminem, Snoop, Dr. Dre, Pussycat Dolls, just kidding about the last.

Weird because I never never subscribed to Apple Music! I do not "stream" music. For years I have digitally purchased/downloaded them from iTunes or ripped from audio CD. And when I get tired of certain albums, I delete them from said Apple device.