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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by LePigeonBleu, Sep 12, 2008.

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    I'm interested in the Turn-By-Turn navigation as much as most of you! I always ask while chatting with an Apple rep, and see what they tell me. Most of the time, it's that they can't comment on this topic, or something like that. Not this time. I hope that this comes true, and it's odd that an Apple rep would even link me to websites outside of apple.com.

    Here's the convo starting later into it:

    "--" is the Apple rep.

    Alright, and do you know anything about turn-by-turn navigation for the iPhone?
    --Yes I do.
    --With the iPhone you get directions to wherever from wherever. View a list of turn-by-turn directions or follow a highlighted map route and track your progress with live GPS tracking.
    voice navigated?
    --One moment while I research that for you.
    Thank you.
    --Thanks for waiting. I'll be right with you.
    --It's not voice navigation, but I would recommend searching through the new APP store for the iPhone 3G. In the APP store under Navigation you may find an application that will work with GPS.
    There are about 5 pages of navigation applications available for the iPhone.
    Do you know if any of them are voice-navigated?
    --I'm checking.
    Thank you very much! Voice navigation would be wonderful on the iPhone!
    -It doesn’t do turn-by-turn voice prompted directions.
    When will it?
    --But the omission of true GPS navigation may soon be filled.Forbes has an article that says TeleNav is readying the GPS software many iPhone 3G users are dying to get their hands on. And, you reportedly won’t have to wait too long since they plan on releasing this app in the coming months.
    --These are rumors online, it may be possible.
    --I didn't see anything now in the APP store with voice navigation.
    Can you link me with the article please?
    Sure, let me get the link for you.
    :( That is from July 28.
    --This one is from Sept. 12th.
    Alright. You don't know how many months they are talking about though, do you?
    --I don't, I really can't speculate on that.
    --You can put in a request for it at http://www.apple.com/feedback/
    --That is for product feedback.


    LETS HOPE. Never got this info out of any rep before.

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    Sep 26, 2006
    Why waste the reps time asking a question you already know the answer to? :confused:
  3. ajthomason macrumors 6502

    Also, why waste our time telling us what we already know? (that message was to the OP, not to motoracer :) )

    The rep knows as much as we do. They are trained to answer questions and all he was doing was using Google to research it. He knows no more than we do. Why is it that so many people seem to think that just because someone works for Apple, they know all of Job's secrets?

    Dells support staff can't tell me when unreleased products are going to be made, if I phone BT, they can't give me a date as to when I can get 100MB broadband from them - they just don't know.
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    didn't know I was giving info that nobody cares about.

  5. juice831 macrumors member

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    I don't read the boards enough to take this as common knowledge so thank you for the information

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