Odd little tv icon with the word iphone?

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    Ok this is weird can someone please explain it for me? Ok so I was looking through my partners iphone 4gs and I noticed when I double clicked the home button and the apps in use became viable, I then swiped right to go to the iPod menu. After that I swiped right again and a volume control bacame visable (normal I know) BUT the odd thing was a button to the left that looked like a little tv icon with the word iphone and then a tick? When clicking on it, it turns from white to blue and enlarges a little before shrinking back to normal size and back to the original colour white again? Strange! It's like as if I am selecting the device to be an iPhone or something? But it is an iPhone? Confused?
    Now I played around with this for a while and then turned the phone off and back on again to find that it was gone?
    Puzzled by this, I gave up. But then a
    few hours later the phone vibrated and I looked to see if it was a txt or something? But there didn't seem to be anything that had coursed the vibrate feature to activate? When checking back to where the iPhone weird button was, I found that it was BACK! But not for long? It shortly after disappeared again??
    Now my partner is a little bit secretive and a bit untrustworthy so I think it's got something to do with hiding data or information in his phone. There is always weird things happening with his phone like txt messages disappearing one day to only reappear another day? It's like as if the phone has a limited amount of data available but with a hiddin back bone? I don't know? But it's weird? Someone please at least tell me what the weird secret iphone button is with the tv icon on it??? Thanks jai

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    Yeah but that dose not really add up? As we don't have Apple TV and its not really video and music that disappears and reapears it's the txt messages and photos?

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