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    Jul 25, 2013
    I've gotten an iphone 6, and I've noticed a mysterious new problem.

    Before when using an iphone 4, I downloaded a 'silent iphone ringtone' from the 'tones' store (not the regular app store), paying a 1.29 for it. I used this as my default ringtone to kill of unwanted junk callers while assiging individual ringtones to my contacts, and it worked very well. Life was good.

    But when I moved to the iphone 6, the silent ringtone disappeared. Chalking it up to some weird glitch related to switching phones, I purchased it again.

    But now it's gone once more, and the individual ringtones and alerts I asssigned to my contacts all seem to have reverted to default.

    What is going on? Having a silent ringtone is very important to me since I get many junk calls a day, not to mention I like having different sounds for different contacts.

    Can anyone help solve this one?
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    Jul 25, 2013
    Anyone had something like this happen?

    EDIT: ended up contacting Apple support. We did an elaborate reset and restore. We'll see if it works, or reverts again at some point...

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