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    Jun 16, 2010
    Ok, well I've been getting around 6hr usage time and 10-12 standby normally on my battery with the iphone 4, not bad, but today I somehow got 9hrs usage and 14 hrs standy and I'm still at 19%!:eek: And I'm not sure why it jumped so much. There are only three things I noticed that I did differently today than normal.

    1. I started using my iphone 4 full time, I have been using my iphone 3G as my ipod to save on battery use of the 4, but today I left my 3G at home so I used the 4. I don't see how using my phone more would cause this.
    2. Today I haven't been closing my apps in the task manager. Usually I close every program in the task manager when I'm done using it to save memory and to conserve battery, but today I didn't do that but I'm not sure how that could make the battery last longer.
    3. The a/c in my car was fixed yesterday. I do service calls for my job, so alot of the day is spent in my car driving from job to job. Since I got my iPhone, the a/c in the car has been broken, but it was fixed yesterday and today was the first full day I've had working a/c, could this possibly be the reason the reason the battery lasted longer?

    Would heat really have that much affect on the battery? I live in florida, so without the a/c it was probably around 90 degrees in the car even with the windows down and now with the a/c its a cool 75 degrees, but could that have that much affect on the battery life? Or was it one of the other things? Any other theories?
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    Jun 7, 2010
    Lots of things go into battery life. From my understanding it depends how you use the phone.

    Did you run your iPod a lot? I know that music playback uses hardly any battery, especially when the display is off.

    Im at 7 hours 10 mins of usage with 14hrs 46 mins of standby with 27% left.
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    It is true that heat will degrade a battery to some extent. But this is usually over a long period of time. More likely you are seeing slight performance gains in battery do to your battery breaking in and calibrating itself to it's full maximum reserve. It could also depend on user characteristics as well. Sometimes how long your phone stays in standby mode, on a regular basis can have effect on overall usage time.
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    Jun 16, 2010
    Well, I run the ipod quite a bit, though before when I use my 3G as my ipod, the iphone has been on standy not doing anything. This may be why usage is up, but then shouldn't standby go down since normally the phone is idle? I'm not complaining about the extra battery, I just want to make sure I keep doing whatever it is that made it last longer.:D

    oh, as far as phone use, some calls, ALOT of web browsing, about an hour or two of games, video, some hulu, and e-mail.

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