Oddball AGP Sawtooth G4? Intro, then questions

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by KítscheñÇinqµe, Sep 18, 2008.

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    I've spent (wasted :) ) a lot of time id-ing. Now that the specs are more familiar, this is mostly for curiousity's sake.
    Sticker below PSU says: 400 MHz 1m cache 64 sdram 10gb cd-rom
    When I open the case, it's obviously AGP with the ATI Rage 128 in the one AGP slot.

    But... the backplate looks like the PCI G4 in apple docs: http://km.support.apple.com/library/APPLE/APPLECARE_ALLGEOS/HT3082/58418_2.jpg
    These most significantly resemble the PCI G4:
    1) FireWire plugs are on separate PCB. PCB sticker has "600-6938-a". google finds it as a g3 part. Is this FireWire speed 400? 600? (Speed is not critical, cuz I don't have FireWire)
    2) Audio plugs are "horizontal" on backplate.

    Maybe Apple's pic is mislabeled? Or I have a hybrid? (FWIW, assembled in USA. I've seen other countries in pics of G4 backpanels on the net.)
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    You have a normal Sawtooth G4 with Firewire 400. There is no such thing as FW 600.
  3. KítscheñÇinqµe thread starter macrumors regular

    i was guessing at "600" from the mini-pcb's sticker.

    Thanks for the reply.
    evidently, that apple docs image of rear panels is mislabeled. a small hint is that their labels sequence does not follow the models' date sequence: the middle photo is mislabeled as if it is the earlier PCI g4. while the leftmost photo is mislabeled as the agp g4.

    it seems that whoever made up the http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3082 (lower) chart, took the mislabeling as accurate: the chart says the agp g4 has onboard fw controller, while mine has a separate card for the fw. my rear panel shows the same fw plugs offset (due to being on the minipcb) as in apple's middle image.

    also, somehow until now i hadn't found a good page for firewire, but only hours after posting this, I found images on wikipedia: the next version of fw had 9pins. fw400 had 6pins (as mine does).

    I'd like to find a comprehensive identification "gallery" for connectors and cables. id-ing some short-lived niche computer** stuff is almost as "impossible" as trying to ID old plumbing/industrial pieces you'd find in/under an old barn that collapsed in the 1950's :)

    **referring to consumer level computers, not mainframes.

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