Office 2008 re-writes your fonts?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Virgil-TB2, Feb 29, 2008.

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    Aug 3, 2007
    I have been successful at getting rid of Office on my computer and learning to use iWork instead. I like iWork so much I simply don't have any reason to install Office 2008 except that I now am supposed to test it (for work) so that I know what to do when the people that have been fooled into using it come asking me for help.

    The trouble is when I went to install it I got this message (attached), so I bailed out and did not install.

    Now I know that the old Office "read" your fonts and added a few hundred of it's own crappy fonts, but I was not prepared for Office to actually try to "change my existing fonts" (nor do I trust Microsoft to do that right).

    It's pretty clear that this dialogue is poorly constructed as it tells me it won't install without quitting my running applications but only gives me a one button option "Continue Installation." :rolleyes:

    Since I had fifteen or so important applications running at the time, I had to actually crash out of the installer.

    The question is, ... is the wording about changing my fonts just more bad grammar and stupid interface design from Microsoft? Or is it actually going to replace my Helvetica with f*cking MS Helvetica and so on? Other than Verdana (which I heard they stole form some other company), MS fonts are uniformly crap AFAIK.

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    Office 2008 adds fonts and changes some default fonts, such as the default font for Entourage. I suppose that it may replace some old standard Microsoft-distributed fonts with newer versions. However, that is no biggie. Unless I missed something, then MS will not mess with fonts that you did not get from Microsoft. The installer will not continue with the indicated apps running. Shut them down and continue. No more worries.
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    My comment about the installer was just to point out the bad logic of the dialogue box and the improper use of the sheet. It didn't inspire confidence at what was kind of a critical point in the install. :)

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