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    There used to be a way (via the Apple Support site) to run an at-home diagnostic on an iPhone and it would feed the results back to the website on your desktop, but I can't for the life of me find it anymore.

    Does anyone know what I'm talking about and know where it's hidden?
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    Honestly I'm not 100%. If you get in touch with Apple, they often text you diagnostic applications based on what the issue is. The only other way I know of getting diagnostics is through GSX (, though you'd need to be registered as a service partner in order for that to work.

    However there are also a few applications available from the App Store to check simple things like the battery health, etc. May I confirm what problems you're having with your iPhone, or if you just wanted to enquire about diagnostic apps?

    EDIT: you can type in diags:// into the Safari URL bar on your iPhone, and it will open iOS Diagnostics. However you will require a ticket number (Apple Case ID) in order to proceed.

    EDIT 2: It looks like the Configuration Utility that they used to have (I think to run some diagnostics) has been pulled. You can try the Apple Configurator, though I think that's mainly for deployment and can't run diagnostics.

    Hopefully something in this rambling post will be vaguely useful for you ...
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    Not at all rambling and definitely helpful, thanks!
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    Apple emailed a link to something like that once when I was having trouble with my first iPhone 6. It would only work once, though, and they had the results. I was never able to run it again. When I had trouble with the second iPhone 6, I wasn't sent anything like that, so I don't know if that is still available.
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    Not sure, but the diagnostic files are under privacy in the settings menu. Wouldn't worry about those too much though unless you're getting full memory dumps

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