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    Apple iPhone 5S Buying Guide

    Hello /r/iPhone! I am excited to present you with an iPhone 5S buying guide. I will make an effort to update this guide with the latest information as things come out, so that people looking for an upgrade can know our verdict on the model, accessories, warranties, and much more. Some sections might be light in useful content, but some (esp. about cases and accessories) might be information that hasn’t been found anywhere yet. I will keep going until I run out of room in the post section. I will not be commenting on anything after purchasing, so no apps or settings tips.

    Please please PLEASE leave comments below with suggestions. If it is just me making this, it won’t be useful at all, but if we all put our heads together, it can be something useful. I will attempt to glean some reviews/tidbits from other sections.
    Should I upgrade from an…
    Old Phone General Verdict What you would get if you did upgrade
    iPhone 5 NO touchID, slightly better camera, slightly faster processor, motion coprossesor
    iPhone 4S MAYBE touchID, slightly better camera, much faster processor, motion coprossesor, Larger Screen, 4G
    iPhone 4 YES touchID, HUGELY better camera, much much faster processor, motion coprossesor, Larger Screen, Siri, 4G
    iPhone 3GS or Below DEFINITELY touchID, HUGELY better camera, much much much faster processor, motion coprossesor, Larger HD Screen, Siri, Apple support, iOS7, Access to thousands more apps, access to updated app content, 4G
    Size Suggestions

    16 gb iPhone 5S: good if you don’t keep any local media on your phone. Maybe 100hrs of music, no big apps (especially 3d games). You will be constantly deleting things to make room. Your camera alone may take up half of your space if you are an avid photographer.

    32 gb iPhone 5S: good for a good amount of music and media. Don’t expect more than 5 full-length movies and half of a pretty-well maintained itunes library to fit. You will probably need to search for things to remove around once every 3 months.

    64 gb iPhone 5S: Upload your whole music library (unless yours is crazy big). Don’t worry about size of apps. You can still easily fill this with 6 or 7 movies, or 3 or 4 HD movies.

    Color Choices for the 5S

    The first thing you should choose is black bezel vs white bezel. Black is more tech-y and white is more mainstream. This is hugely opinion and everyone will have their own feeling about it. author’s note, I think white makes it look more “like an iPhone” if that is something you care about.

    Gold vs Silver? They are about the same in person, especially with any cases. Don’t believe stories about the gold one being more or less in value… you will probably never realize that value and right now the two are going for about the same price anyway across the board. The news likes to pick up stories about the color of the iPhone, but different news outlets will say different ones are more popular.

    Scratches? This was mostly an iPhone 5 problem and there shouldn’t be dramatic scratches on any of the three colors. authors note: would love confirmation of this

    Where to buy - will have best time and is pretty pain-free.** - Will be pretty painless, but may ask you for lots of add-ons. You might have to use this if you have a grandfathered plan or a special one. note, I have a SERO plan with sprint so I HAVE to use the web site!
    Over the phone - not recommended. They will keep asking you for warranties cases etc. If you do go over the phone, use to find the number straight to a human ASAP.
    In a store/kiosk - not recommended. Usually low supply, long waits, or incompetent people. They will also try to upsell you, for things that you can buy online for much cheaper. HOWEVER, jump on promotions where they give free stuff with a phone.
    Ebay - This is a great way to get a phone off-contract. Might be impossible to get a warranty though.
    Craigslist - Your phone will be stolen. Or too expensive. Good luck.

    Plan Type AppleCare+ No Warranty Squaretrade Carrier (for 2 years coverage) [sprint]
    Initial Cost $99 (or $65 on ebay) Free $124 (sometimes coupons available to $88) $216
    Replacement Cost (Accidental Damage) $79 (max 2) $269 $99 $200
    Replacement Cost (Manufacturer defect 1st year) Free Free Free Free
    Replacement Cost (Manufacturer defect 2nd year) Free $269 $99 $200
    Additional Information Geniuses seem likely to give you a break Geniuses seem reluctant to offer extra help Geniuses seem reluctant to offer extra help - kinda a hassle Get free Case! Super Hassle
    Coverage in loss or theft None None None Covered with $200 deductible
    Total (0 breaks) $99 FREE $124 $216
    Total (1 break) $178 $269 $223 $416
    Total (2 breaks) $257 $538 $322 $616
    Total (3 breaks) $526 $807 $421 $816
    Total (4 breaks) $795 $1076 $520 $1016
    Total (0 breaks, 1 defect second year) $99 $269 $223 $416
    Total (1 break, 1 defect. second year) $178 $538 $322 $616
    Total (2 breaks, 1 defect. second year) $257 $807 $421 $816
    Total (3 breaks, 1 defect. second year) $526 $1076 $520 $1016
    Total w/ one loss (assuming 32gb) $848 $749 $873 $416
    Total w/ one loss 1 break (32gb) $927 $1018 $972 $616

    Verdict: Try to guess the number of breaks and losses that your iPhone will suffer. Both plans are better than no plan at 1 break (second year or accidental) and Squaretrade pulls ahead at 3 breaks. With one defect, Squaretrade and Applecare+ are even at 3 breaks 1 defect. With one loss, carrier warranty is most profitable.


    Charging Case

    monoprice ~$40
    Amazon and Amazon, $62 and $49.
    All of these cases add a ton of bulk, should protect the phone well, should extend the battary life, won't dock no matter what.

    Wallet Case

    Please suggest in comments.
    Speck Looks nice. ($40)

    Slim Case

    Someone suggested this one but it's sold out. $15. seems similar to monoprice cases.
    Check monoprice. Should be able to get a minimal case for ~$5.

    Tough Case

    adds a ton of bulk but should help vs a variety of things.
    lifeproof $55. Adds lots of bulk, waterproof + dropproof, doesn't work with many accessories.
    Otterbox Defender - please add review/link in comments
    Spigen Armor I have heard many positive reviews of this one.

    Docking Station

    There are currently no speaker or alarm clock docking stations that allow you to dock with a case with no modifications.
    This dock should work with cases, but it's a little pricey and you need to include your own cable.
    There are currently no MFi docking stations (that come with the cable)
    If you have an iPhone 5 and are docking it, please leave a comment with your solution.

    Car Charger

    Just make sure it is at least 2.1v, you will have to provide your own cable (or get one that is MFi certified!) I like the anker brand name, so I say go with This one. It's also the highest ranked car charger for iphone 5 on amazon.

    Additional Cables

    Amazon work well and come in three different sizes. The connector to the iphone is a bit thicker than apple so depending on the case, you might have to remove the case. $13.99 (many sizes)

    Apple should work fine. Expensive-ish though, but they will definitely work forever... even warrantied by apple. $17.99

    Monoprice Should work fine. Might be the cheapest out of the lot of them. $9.42

    Third Party almost definitely won't work normally, the iphone will reject them and not charge. $2.99

    Possible Workaround —
    Turn on USB power/Wall Outlet power
    Plug in lightning cable to iPhone
    Dismiss any warnings
    Unlock your iPhone.
    Dismiss any remaining warnings.
    Now with the screen turned on.
    Unplug the knock off lightning cable.
    Plug it back in.
    Dismiss warning again
    It should now charge.

    Planned Sections

    Screen Protectors (Lots of people don’t use one. I don’t know much, but people like Power support and I have heard good things about the SPIGEN SGP oleophobic one. I use monoprice ($1.50!)

    Maybe 5S vs 5C guide? I feel like people have mostly made up their mind about this before they consider much more.

    Again, I would love comments or suggestions that I can input into this guide! Any questions or additional sections would also be appreciated.
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    This is great! I'd suggest spending time and formatting it for the forum though.

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