Official Statement from major Hosted Exchange Provider in relation to iOS4

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Eric-PTEK, Jun 30, 2010.

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    From one of the vendors we use:

    Regarding your Intermedia account: xxxxxxx

    Apple recently released the iPhone4. It uses a new iPhone operating system – iOS4 – that is also available for download on older iPhone devices. The new iPhone operating system is adversely impacting Intermedia customers as well as customers of other email providers.

    The following notification summarizes these issues and the critical actions we ask that your iPhone4 and iOS4 users immediately take in response.

    The actions are in support of our commitment to providing the highest service quality for your organization and all Intermedia customers. We will continue to post updates as the situation evolves and Apple provides further details.

    Summary of Issues
    Exchange users who use an iPhone4 or upgraded an older iPhone to iOS4 are experiencing difficulties syncing their contacts, mail, and calendar via ActiveSync. Additionally, iOS4 is creating significant artificial load on Exchange servers, resulting in performance slowdowns for users on other devices and mail clients.

    An Internet search for “iOS4 Exchange” will provide further information related to these issues, which are affecting all email providers that use the ActiveSync protocol with iPhones.

    Steps Your Organization Must Take
    iPhone users who use the iPhone4 or upgraded to iOS4 must install a related Apple configuration patch on their iPhone. The patch, along with installation directions, can be found here:

    Failure to install this patch will result in incomplete sync of user items and may cause performance issues. If your users run an iPhone4 or other iOS4 device without the configuration patch, Intermedia may disable ActiveSync on their device to protect your organization’s overall service quality.

    Further Technical Details on the Issue and Our Response
    The iOS4 issues are driving random application pool instability on Exchange 2007 CAS servers. Microsoft confirmed this instability is caused by iOS4 and classified this as a client side issue related to the Apple iOS4 update. Microsoft is not planning to release a patch or update. The instability will manifest itself as connection failures or slow performance when using Outlook and other clients. Outlook Web App (OWA) is not impacted and continues to function normally. If you are having connectivity issues we recommend using OWA to retrieve your mail.

    Intermedia's engineering and operations teams are mitigating the impact to our customers via close monitoring and automated restarts of the impacted application pools.

    Thank you for hosting with us,
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    I received a notice from Exchange My Mail about this as well.
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    And I posted the link (problem/solution) from Apple's support site a few days back on here.

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