official unlock from Vodafone AU, without original sim

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    Mar 7, 2012
    Hi guys,

    I just want to share my story so it's out there and maybe helps someone else.

    A friend gave me his old iphone 4 and told me it was locked to some Australian provider. GEVEY solved that. I was using it with O2 germany and it was just fine, until the cellular data stopped working some day. So I decided to see if I can officially unlock it.

    I purchased the service (7$) to find out which carrier my phone was locked to from Within approximately 24 hours they replied that it was Vodafone Australia. Vodafone unlocks its phones, with a fee ranging from 75$ to completely free - depending how long ago the phone was purchased.

    Even better, you can just do it online, no call, no trips to vodafone shops or australia :p The link to the site is here:

    All they ask is the IMEI of the phone and then you just do what they tell you. Since my phone was purchased long ago, I didn't have to pay anything :D All I had to do was put the vodafone sim in, connect my phone to the iTunes store and magic would happen.

    But I didn't have that sim. The internet knew nothing, so I said what the hell, I just try it with my sim and see what happens.

    First try just O2, no gevey. Connected it to itunes, but the phone couldn't initialize (or something like that). And then it hit me.. doesn't initialize with O2, but with vodafone's sim it would, so it should work if I used the gevey. Here I was thinking, dear lord not the 112 again... Another 5-30 min lost, but it connected to O2 right away, no gevey welcoming message, nothing :S That was totally weird, but ****ing awesome.. So I connect it to iTunes again and immediately got the message: your iphone is unlocked!

    Took out the gevey, and is still connecting perfectly to O2, plus the data are working again :) So now I am finally freely updating to iOS 5.
    Everything went better than expected!

    I am assuming that when you submit the form with the IMEI to vodafone, they automatically transfer the request to apple and after that it's a matter of time until the whitelist is updated.

    Btw, I was at the apple store last week, asking them how I could find which provider the phone was locked to, and they wouldn't tell me..... Which really makes no sense in the end, since they could have goten that 7$.

    Sorry for the long post.
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    Mar 7, 2012
    small update

    I had sent a mail to vodafone enquiring if there would be an official way to do the unlocking without their sim, and (finally) they replied no. So you definitely need the GEVEY.

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