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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by gusapple, May 8, 2014.

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    Hey everybody. My mom said that for mother's day she wants something like the Fitbit or the Nikefuel SE, but she doesn't want to carry the iPhone around with her while she is exercising. Are there any products that allow you to take the band with you and then upload the data later?

  2. jdecosta, May 8, 2014
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    I would not waste my time with the Nike product since they have decided not to make them anymore. I had the Fitbit Force but it was recalled. I now have the Garmin Vivofit. 1 year battery like cannot be beat. I wish it had a backlight.
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    I use the Fitbit One. (See link in my signature) I had the Jawbone Up! until they had issues and they quit working. I know they are back again but once burned? The Fitbit One is far too easy to lose. However, the company will replace it if you lose it. That's pretty good customer service but I wish they would fix it to allow a lanyard.

    I thought about changing to the Fitbit Flex or Force but I wear a Pebble Smartwatch and don't want two devices on my wrists.
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    I have the Fitbit Flex, and it's exactly what your mother may want. Including the Fitbit One the previous member mentioned earlier. The Flex doesn't require you to have your iPhone with you at all times, but it is required for you to view all the activity data that's being recorded by the Fitbit. You can get a rough estimate of your daily progress on the device itself, but viewing your progress is a lot better on the iPhone.

    Another thing I would mention is that the band will wear out pretty easily over time. I practically wear mine at all times (except when I shower) and it's starting to show some wear. The one I currently have is black so it doesn't look too bad from a distance, but at a close distance it shows some wear. It also makes it harder to get a response from the device when you try to double tap it. When I first got it, a light double tap let me know how I was doing. Now that it's gotten some wear, I have to double tap a lot harder. Hell, sometimes it doesn't even acknowledge my taps.

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