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macrumors Penryn
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Aug 31, 2011
Thought I might share…

Cox DOCSYS 3.0 cablemodem. I pay for Gigabit speeds. One cable goes to my router.

2020-01-03 08.00.19.jpg

ASUS RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Wireless Gigabit Router. 2.5 and 5Ghz WiFi for four wireless networks (Main and guest per band). Behind the router is my T-Mobile 4G LTE Cellspot (femotcell, generates 4G/LTE signal). Cellspot connects to my switch, not the router.

2020-01-03 07.50.41.jpg

NETGEAR ProSafe JGS524 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch. Everything connects here.

2020-01-03 07.50.31.jpg

Netgear GS108 v3 ProSafe 8 Port Gigabit Switch. This is for the 2.3DC G5 and the Thinkpad, both of which have shorter cables. It's behind one of the displays next to my Quad G5. It replaced the NETGEAR FS108 switch I currently have in the garage.

2020-01-03 07.50.58.jpg

NETGEAR FS108 switch. This is where the network comes in to the garage. Currently only the Mini is using it, but it will lead to other Macs at some point. I have already been on eBay to replace it with another GS108.

2020-01-03 07.52.29.jpg

Once I get the garage cleaned up and my other Macs connected out there I will pull out my old 25 port 10/100 switch. That'll do for awhile until I can get another Gigabit switch to replace it.

I also have the Powerline connectors but those are a little difficult to get shots of as they are in out of the way power sockets.


Sep 3, 2016
Zyxel C3000Z dual band on the north end ground floor of my place (wifey’s office)
connected via CAT5 to a A1408 (2.4 only) router on the south end of my house upstair

which also connects my garage PMg5, access to NAS, & Pandora/Apple Music streaming.

I also have an a1264 as a bridge providing modest Ethernet for my son’s iMac g3
I get 20mbps download on 5g.

11mbps on 2.4

And a speedy 1.5mbps to the iMac g3.

Not the speediest but it does what I need it to & nothing has caught fire yet so I’ll count it as a win.
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