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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Chunk72, Jun 22, 2012.

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    Hi Guys,

    I might be looking for something that doesn't exist or maybe I'm not searching for the right thing, I'm trying to hook up some gear to avoid the plugging unplugging I have to do if I want to listen to / work with different bits and pieces.

    I have the following in my den:

    2011 iMac i7 with Logic etc. hooked up to a DacMagic (which also has a feed from a Sonos) plugged into a pair of HS80m's

    I recently got a decent turntable and pre-amp that I hook up to the Monitor's which involves unplugging the XLR's and plugging in the unbalanced Jacks.

    So this vinyl revival got me to dusting off my tape collection and Sony 3 head Tape Deck which I have just been listening to with HeadPhones but kind of wanted to hook it all up.

    My question is, is there an audio interface that will work with what I have, give me a headphone socket and a couple of spare inputs for mic / guitar to use with Logic?

    I have done some pretty extensive reading/searches and not come up with an interface that ticks all the boxes.

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    something sort of like this?

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