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    ok i usually HATE jail breaking, but heres the deal: i will be getting a really really cheap iPod touch 4g off ebay soon and it has a shattered screen (digitizer) and isn't jailbroken. soooo i am going to replace the screen and jailbreak it. why is the easiest jailbreak? I'm a first timer and simply just want cydia. so what is the easiest way to jb?? thanks!


    also: must be unteathered becoz my iPod and iPhone are used so much they die almost every week or so...
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    The iPod Touch would've had to have been on the iOS5.0.1 firmware with the SHSH blobs saved with Cydia. If that is the case, you can use redsn0w as follows:
    1) Download the firmware http://www.getios.com/
    2) Put your device into regular DFU mode by Holding down the Power and Home buttons while the device is connected to power for 10 seconds, then let go of the Power Button and hold for about 10 seconds. The screen should be black. Leave it connected and move on to step 3 (If you accidentally end up in recovery mode, hold down the home and power buttons until the Apple logo shows up, No data is lost!)
    3) Stitch the SHSH blobs onto the firmware. Redsn0w (http://blog.iphone-dev.org/ scroll down to the second post) will do this for you.
    4) Put your iDevice into Pwned DFU mode using redsn0w
    5) Use iTunes and Restore.

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