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    Sorry for the non-descriptive title... Just typing as I think.

    Before iCloud came out, I obviously already had an apple(?) account. I used it to purchase songs off iTunes etc. It's a hotmail one, so whenever I purchase songs off iTunes I have to log in to xxx@hotmail.com

    NOW, when I set up iCloud, I obviously created an xxx@me.com account - which is great. When I go to 'iCloud' settings on my iPhone, it's linked with the @me account. I suppose my goal is to ideally have one account which I do everything on. Purchase apps / songs etc.

    I would probably want to change my iTunes account to the @me.com account, correct? So it would work flawlessly if I purchase a song off iTunes and then it automatically appears on my phone. Can I transfer my purchases from iTunes on my @hotmail account to my @me account?

    What are my options?


    EDIT: Upon testing, if I have the account in the 'store' settings on my iPhone on the same iTunes account - regardless if it's @me.com or not - it downloads music that I purchase from my computer to my phone. At the time of writing this originally, I didn't think to look in the 'store' settings.

    Just wondering now if I should have the @me.com account in the 'icloud' settings... Wondering if I should replace that with the @hotmail.com one.
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    Looks like you have found the correct way to do this on your own. You will need to use the me.com login in iCloud and your old iTunes account in the store. This is how myself and many others are setup and it works fine.

    Unfortunately, Apple does not currently offer a way to merge the two accounts.
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    You might want to keep your iTunes account and iCloud account seperated just in case you want to share your purchases with someone in the future.

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