Ok, I am returning my MBP

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by aditghai, Mar 3, 2008.

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    Dec 25, 2007
    After finally deciding whether to keep my MBP or my Dell, I chose the Dell not because i dont like the MBP because most of my school software runs on Windows. I know i can run Parallels and other stuff, but i just cant justify the price of having such an expensive laptop just to run Windows off it.

    When i bought the MBP i bought a printer with it for the $100 rebate offer.

    When i call Apple tomorrow for the RMA number will they accept a return on the printer as well or will i be forced to keep it.

    Also, since i will be charged a re-stocking fee, will the restocking fee also apply to the printer?

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    May 30, 2006
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    if you did a bit of research i bet you would have found Mac OS X alternatives to your "programs"... what were they btw? theres not many apps these days that dont have a Mac OS X version or an alternative.

    anyway you wont be able to enjoy OS X now that with the dell, but with a MBP you could of enjoyed both worlds.

    btw i totally condone using a MBP just to run windows...

    sorry dont know about the restocking fees. email the store.
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    Jul 26, 2007
    Shame you didn't figure out all that stuff beforehand - did you deactivate your brain on entering the store? I know I'm guilty of that. If you had the money to do it, why not try it for 6 months, then sell it if necessary? Macs don't lose their value the way Dells do.
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    But chances are, he believes that the MBP is a very expensive computer to run just Windows on. If he doesn't plan on using OS X as often as he should be, then it's probably better for him to just get the Dell. I like the Dell XPS M1330 (or whatever the model number is for the 13" model).

    But you're right. I would keep the MBP and run both Windows and OS X on it. I could have directly boot into Windows and not even know I was using a Mac.
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    that why i said i condone using a Mac just for Windows. when i bought my Mac i only used office, firefox and then some other apps like nero, winamp, anydvd. i just jumped straight into the deap end when i bought a Mac as i was curious about the OS... and of course for its cool factor. now i use iWork (with Office for a backup), Safari, iTunes, Toast etc.

    one thing i thought when using a PC was theres not much software for the Mac. boy was i wrong. and not just that, the freeware/shareware is usually of higher quality and easier to choose from. i was pleasantly surprised that what i could do on windows i can pretty much do on a Mac.
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    I agree with richthomas. If you can afford the Mac, get the Mac. I'll tell you a little story.
    I don't own a MBP, I own an iMac(new last summer). One of the things I had when I had my home-built PC was a LightScribe DVD/CD writer which I really liked and used to win friends, influence people and generally impress my in-laws. :rolleyes: After I got my iMac and got used to the change in OS (read:improvement) from Windows, I went looking for a Firewire external LightScribe DVD writer. I found really nice LaCie drive, installed it and all the neccessary (Lightscribe) software. It worked great - to make nifty looking CD's. However, they didn't sound nearly as good as the ones I had previously made with my iMac super drive. I used the same software (iTunes) and settings to record the music CD's, but just cut them on the LaCie drive. The sound quality was not as good, and they actually skipped in some spots! I re-made them by using the LaCie drive only for the LightScribe Labelling. Perfection! Looking AND sounding good.
    Bottom line? Apple's hardware in most cases is superior. Certainly in the case of a portable. My advice? Get the Mac Pro.

    Rich :cool:
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    My advice:

    1) Don't post asking for information that only someone from Apple can provide. Doing so, might make some people think that you are only trolling.

    2) Next time, before spending over 2 grand on something, make sure it meets your needs.

    3) Before taking a huge hit on restocking, make sure the MBP really doesn't meet your needs.
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    Feb 25, 2007

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