Ok, I wanna print an album (some suggestions needed)

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Joeytpg, Sep 27, 2008.

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    since I got this new D40 I'm interested in making an album of cool moments with my girlfriend (we have been together for almost 3 years, and as we both love to take pictures and be taken pictures - specially my girl hehe she loves it when I take pictures of her).

    The digital age has some great advantages but at the sabe time, I believe some things get lost. For example, I can sit and spend a whole afternoon watching pictures from my youth and stuff....with digital pictures, hard drives get deleted, data gets lost, backup DVDs disappear, etc etc...

    so we've been thinking about choosing some of our best moments and get em into an album, or a few albums. I know Apple has this service, but it's quite expensive, specially for the amount of pics we have, and would put in the album.

    What's an alternative for this? how can this be done?..... we could always print them and buy regular albums......but I'd like something a little bit more "special" and "professional" without leaving the amateur realm :p (obviously I don't want to make a PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL album perse....it'd cost too much)

    what do you think guys?
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    I'd go the scrap book approach, which is essentially what wedding photographers do these days. Get a nice scrap book with luxuriously textured acid-free paper. Print the photos in various sizes, mostly larger than photo album pockets (5x7 is good), but with enough 8x10s in there to appear every few pages or so.

    Then get some 3M spray adhesive (this stuff is the best; your photos will NEVER fall out). If misused, it will eat holes in your photos, so here's how to use it properly:

    (Use the 3M outside only)

    1) Place the photo on the scrap book page where you want it, and lightly mark the locations of two of its corners (diagonal from each other) with a pencil.

    2) Place the photo upside down on a piece of newsprint or scrap paper.

    3) Start spraying in the air just above and beyond your photos so that any initial spurts land elsewhere. Keep the button down until the spray is even and fine, and then lower the stream down in passing left-right motions over your photo, covering the back with a light coat.

    4) Carefully lift up the photo, being careful not to touch more than the very edges of it.

    5) Align the photo with the pencil marks on your page and gently position it.

    6) Take a clean sheet of white paper and place it over the photo. Use your thumb to burnish the photo down onto the page securely.

    You can then start adding decorative paper cut-outs or what have you to the pages. Do some research on scrap-booking if you need some ideas.

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