OK my boys gone & done it now . .!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by olinova, Jun 6, 2008.

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    Jun 6, 2008
    My iTunes were & still are on my external hard drive, but I can't play them now . . . the problem is or rather began, when my son wanted to play a cd on my laptop, but wasn't connected to the external hard drive, so the iTunes asked him some questions, (he can't remember what they were!!), then itunes let him play his cd . . . now none of the tunes (all 11600 +) on my external hard drive show up & only half a dozen songs that he's downloaded do. . . now although I can go into my hard drive & drag n drop each one individually, . . . there must be an easier & simpler way to put things right? Can somebody help a screwed up old man?
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    It probably asked for the location of the library file. (edit:read swiftaw's post knew I was forgetting something) Go to iTunes - Preferences - Advanced - General. Check the iTunes Music Folder Location is set to the correct location.

    Might also be worth checking out this knowledge base article.
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    Is your itunes library file on your external too?

    If so, open iTunes with the Alt/Option key held down. It'll then allow you to select the library file you want to use. Direct it to the one on your external and you should be back to normal.

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