OK, so I have a Macbook Air 11"


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May 8, 2010
West Midlands, England.
I'm thinking of getting shot of the air, as I dont use it as a portable device (its the 2011 model 256gb/4gb) so Im thinking of getting shot of it.

Never even considered a Mac Mini till last night, but thought instead of selling the MBA and TBD, to get one of these?

I will have a lot more power for the same cost I'm guessing if I keep the TBD. I also prefer the TBD design over the iMac as there is a smaller bezel.

What are your thoughts on Mac Mini's over full blown iMacs?

Whats expected tomorrow?

Thanks! :D


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Oct 26, 2009
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Sounds like your current setup is sufficient. If you need more power (need details) and you won't miss the portability, get the mini. I feel the iMacs have lots of power but may have problems after heavy use due to insufficient heat dissipation.


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Apr 19, 2012
I did the opposite, traded my base mini with 8gb of ram and my monitor for a i7 11 inch air 4gb/128gb. Now looking for a thunderbolt display.

I dont think you get much performance difference between the two when looking at the base model. If anything the air is slightly faster. I did lose my 8gb of ram + 512vram which lowered my framerates in CounterStrike when using an external monitor but playing on the laptops native res is fine. As far as only having 4gb compared to 8gb in normal usage I haven't noticed any slow downs especially because of the SSD.

I guess it depends on which mini you are thinking of buying. If its the server and you need the quad core then sure the performance difference is alot but if its the base model and mid you don't gain or lose anything (if anything you lose value because desktops are alot harder to sell and command a lesser price.). You do get a discrete gpu with the mid model so you can take that as a gain if you game.


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Oct 31, 2011
wondering the same here. Made a major mistake by getting the 11'' Air with just 2GB RAM in 2010 and it is getting slow.
But as I have the 24'' ACD, keyboard and trackpad, the Mini could be an option, with 8GB RAM and SSD. Depending on how expensive that will be.
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