OK, So I'm a bit pissed at my local Apple Store (Repair Problems)


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Jan 28, 2005
So I've got a 2GHz MacBook Pro with the whine. Or, I did. I sent it to Applecare, and they said they were replacing the logic board. I got it back about four weeks ago.

But... They decided not to replace the logic board. And... The whine sounded exactly the same as before.

So I go to my local Apple Store. I want the logic board replaced by them, in-store. They agree after trying to dodge a bit (obviously, they prefer to ship it out). They say they'll call me when the part arrives, and I'll keep the computer until then (again, they didn't want to, but I pressured them into it). They call, and I drop it off. This was last Wednesday.

So I get it back today. Listen... Whine is reduced, but not gone. Okay, I can live with that.

Oh, wait. The SuperDrive is trying to eject.

Over and over.

Oh crap.

I grab a DVD, and push it in.


The drive won't grab it. Won't suck it in. Its like it has no power, but obviously it does since it makes the eject noise.

Obviously, this needs to be fixed. Now, I'm not trying to be greedy, but might I have some success talking my way into a new MacBook Pro? It seems the newer models don't have the whine and obviously don't have broken SuperDrives. To be frank, I'm afraid they'll unplug or damage something else next time they're inside.

If that's not possible, what's the best I can hope to get? Is same-day service possible? A free Shuffle? And what is the best avenue to get the best service and "We want to keep you an Apple customer" treatment?

This is a $2500 computer. I want it perfect. I want them to want to keep my business.


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Jan 8, 2003
I honestly believe if Apple does not get there act together and fix their notebook line then they could be in some serious trouble in the near future. Dell is recalling 4.1 million batteries (I think). That PR looks horrible.

In all honesty Apple has put their two most recent notebooks with major issues. Macbook Pro logic board and battery issue. Macbook with moo and staining. All of these things are uncalled for and unApple like. I don't know what is taking place over there but someone needs to get there head out of their rectum and take care of this stuff.....I can't stand them shipping faulty products as if nothing is wrong!!


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Feb 10, 2006
Don't count on a new one. I sent in my MBP for whine, and they sent it back fixed, but covered in scratches and with a whining screen. I sent it back and they put the repair on hold because some tech didn't read the notes saying the scratches were not caused be me, they were, in fact, caused by apple. I got it back today and the screen still whines (not AS bad), but the reason I'm not sending it back is they replaced several battery and heat related components and now the battery lasts way longer than it did and the computer runs way cooler than it ever has before.
Have them repair it again, and if they send it back broken, THEN demand a new one, at least then you have way more footing to stand on. Give them one more chance.


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Jun 1, 2006
i have so much problem with mine! i'm about to send it back for randomly shutting off... AGAIN!!!


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Aug 2, 2005
I also had a few issues with my Macbook Pro and Applecare. It all started when the battery started swelling. The obvious thing to do was take it to a local Apple Store to get a replacement battery (That was before Apple issued the battery recall). By the time I was able to go to the Apple Store, the swelling battery seemed to have affected the trackpad button, since it's directly benith it.

Anyhow, I got Apple to replace the defective battery and the top casing because of the trackpad. To my surprise, they called the next day telling me that it's done and ready for pickup, when they originally told me that it'll take them about a week. I took my Macbook Pro home, opened it, and noticed that it doesn't feel as solid as it was before the repire; Pressing softly on the top casing makes a slight squeek, and closing the screen makes the hindge click somehow. Moreover, after turning it on, the left fan started making a very annoying stuttering sound! What did they do to it! :mad: Moreover, the Superdrive started having trouble ejecting CDs; CDs somehow get stuck on thier way out and get sucked back in. So again, I go to Apple Store to get those issues resolved!

Now, they replaced the left fan and the Superdrive, but it still doesn't feel as solid as it used to be :( I had to go over there to the Apple Store 8 times for these issues!


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Jun 4, 2006
Wow these problems need to be fixed. Too many problems for a good company. My laptop came ALREADY damaged with a dented, pried open, warped bottom casing (still havent gotten fixed, need to drive to the damn supply depot), theres a slight whine, it gets REALLY hot I'm saying like touch and burn. I am dissapointed.


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Feb 16, 2006
My MBP decided to wake up one morning and not detect the harddrive. The drive appeared completely dead. I couldn't hear it spinning up, Disk Utility from the installation DVD couldn't see it, resetting PRAM and PMU didn't work and target firewire disk mode didn't work either.

So I took it to my local Apple authorised dealer and a day later when they come to look at it they call me only to tell me that it booted without a problem, yet the day before the drive was completely dead.


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Aug 5, 2006
In the Depths of the SLC!
Holy cow, so many people have had so many problems with their Macbooks. I have had mine fo about three weeks and have had no problems. Well, except for sometimes when I turn it off, the Sleep light goes on, even though it is off, but a simple turn on, turn off usually does it. To anyone that has problems, good luck, I had a lot of problems with my xbox, sending it in, getting it back only to find more poblems.


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Aug 2, 2006
Lets remember....

Lets remember, as much as I love the new intel change, Apple no longer makes their motherboards... they are Intel boards now. And these are 1st Gen intel notebooks. Thats the chance thats taken. And compared to the other hardware manufactures the % of problems in total machine sold is still the least for Apple. And secondly there is a reason Apple Techs don't fix Laptops in-store, so next time dont force them into it.


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Jan 28, 2005
It didn't work when I shipped it to Apple, which I did before I requested a store repair.

Also, Apple never manufactured their computers. At least, not in the last 5 years or so (with some exceptions... I think PowerMacs were still made in Ireland for a while). Apple Computers are made by the same Asian manufacturers as nearly every other computer maker. Companies like Asustek, etc.

Intel may have designed the chipset, but its unlikely they designed the MacBook Pro's motherboard. It had to be custom designed (like most notebook motherboards), it was not an off-the-shelf board.

Don't try and tell me what because I bought a 1st gen product I should just accept problems. There was no disclaimer when I purchased it that said it was a Beta product.

And Apple must fix laptops in-store. They did for me, and I've seen them do it for others.