OK. What is Folding?


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Apr 3, 2005
I'm calling the cops
Hey I juust scanned through the website because I didn't have enough time, but it's soooo complicated what they are saying. I still don't know what it is!


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Jul 22, 2002
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This is what I said to Leekohler last week in another thread (you really didn't searched very well...), he came with the same question:
"Here we go again... In short folding @ home is a project from Stanford University. You can download a small app on you computer and let it do its stuff. What it does is simulating proteines, and let the geniusses at Stanford understand proteines better and why they develop the way it does, like diseases, like cancer and everything in the human body. We are giving the folks at Stanford time on our computers. For every WorkUnit we get points. We are in a team. So we are "battling" each other, but also other teams. Check out the link in my sig for more information or go directly to Stanfords webstite: http://folding.stanford.edu
Now that I explained it to you, you have to donload the app and fold with us. You have to set the app up by
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