Okay...Am I screwed?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by conanqq107, Apr 1, 2009.

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    Feb 27, 2009
    I live in Vancouver...and I just got an Iphone 3G from Fido~! Hurray!! so I activated the phone and started playing around with it. Then when I got to settings, I realized that the phone's firmware is already 2.2.1... AND I was planning to unlock it! (I'm thinking of going to Africa for a while) It seems that the phone always comes with the lastest firmware since I don't recall updating it myself.

    Desperately, I used the SHIFT + RESTORE method to try downgrading, but just as I expected, error 10something showed up. I had to download 2.2.1 firmware and let the phone recover to 2.2.1 (factory settings). I have now jailbroken it with quickpwn. Everything good so far, but this phone will be useless as soon as I get to Africa since it can't be UNLOCKED (yet)!

    So is there any other way to unlock the phone if 2.2.1 is already installed?

    Anyone know when the yellowsn0w for 2.2.1 is going to come out? It has been a while now.....Is it possible that it is never going to be released? Any news???
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    I'm confused... I re-read it about 4 times and still don't understand. Is it just me and my tiredness...


    Oh nevermind, I understand now.

    Sorry, haven't really been keeping up on the latest jailbreaking/unlocking techniques since the 1.x.x days of the iPod Touch... Then I sold it and a few months later bought a iPhone
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    There won't be a unlock for 2.2.1 because that firmware was only a patch to close Yellosn0w. And with 3.0 coming, they are working on that, instead of 2.2.1

    And there's no other way for you to software unlock. You might want to try piggyback sims

    Sorry OP :(
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    Feb 27, 2009
    Thanks for the replies guys.
    Well... I think I'll be fine without my Iphone on my trip. Are they really working on the 3.0 unlock? That's great since I heard that it should come out by July. I'm planning to go to China in the summer. Hope they get it unlocked by then... or maybe not...since the 2.2 unlock came out in December...sigh...
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    No, why would we? Maybe. No, news would be on the Dev Teams blog. They're not just going to randomly email one of us saying "Hey, we unlocked the 2.2.1 baseband!! Not going to put it on our blog though!!!! ;)". They would put it on the blog. Just look there.

    You'll just have to use a hardware unlock for now.
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    ...and to semi-fix the photo-resolution problem and to stabilize Safari!!!
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    Thank you; I was about to mention the dramatic improvement in Safari stability...

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