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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by GreggM3, Jul 21, 2010.

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    I was at the mall today and there was a line for the Zagg booth so I walked around. I came across the Ghost Armor booth and watched the guy install the film on a iPhone 4 and a big Android device. The process looked very well done and they use a "drying box" rather than a hair dryer. The price was $45 installed for a full body including sides. I got a deal for less and gave it a shot. He was done in no time at all and there was no bubbles, haze, or poor fit. The best part was there is not orange peel! I had the Zagg stuff on my first IP4 before it got replaced and hated the orange peel. So far so good but I did screw up and placed my other phone on top of it when getting in my car and put a small dent in the screen protector which I hope will go away or I can get it swapped out cheaply. For now I have zero complaints and may bring in my iPad. I know there are a lot of issues with trolls for Ghost Armor but I am not. I have used Zagg, Best Skins Ever and now Ghost Armor. I had no problems with BSE and if I had to order one online I would probably go back but the convenience of having it installed for me was well worth it.
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    I'm loving this. I'll try and post pictures tomorrow
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    I've really been thinking about getting Ghost Armor or invisibleSHIELD for my iPhone 4, pics please!!
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    I also have the Ghost Armor and it's great compared to Invisible shield. I am loving my ghost armor. The booth in my local mall offers free lifetime replacement of the ghost armor in the event I need to replace it for whatever reason.
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    I have ghost armor, best 30 bucks I have spent for the phone.

    Just remember, it looks much better the next day once it fully dries.
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    i Like the Ghost Armor, only if installed right. The installer needs to beware of moisture sensors and locations. They void your warranty if they are activated.
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    Does it protect sides as well or only front and back? How does this compare to Wrapsol? Pics???
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    Ghost Armor is great

    I had my iP4 covered yesterday at the mall and as they told me, it is clear today. I have used Zagg on my iPod and it has held up well for several years so I think whichever product you use will be fine if installed correctly.
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    What is "Ghost Peel". I see a lot of people saying that in reviews of screen protectors. Just asking :)
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    Waste of time and money

    From the ghost armor web site:

    "Without adding bulk, creases, bubbles, or that orange peel look, Ghost Armor clear finish provides scratch proof protection you want and need while also giving the ability to repel finger prints, oils and grease."

    After having the ghost armor screen protector installed at the mall on my iPad mini with retina display and waiting the recommended 24 hours for it to dry, I finally started using it. Right away, I noticed a couple of bubbles near the edge and one in the middle of the display. This was fixable but surprising given the the kiosk guy installs dozens of these every day. Two of the corners peeled up almost immediately as well.

    Looking at a bright light reflected on the screen surface, it has a texture that while not exactly "orange peel" is not exactly smooth, either. It does feel different to the touch than the glass by itself.

    I mainly wanted ghost armor to deal with fingerprints, but they are even worse than before. Additionally, it seems to attract lint and dust more than before.

    Basically, GA made my screen worse in every way that was important to me.

    Upon return to the kiosk the next day for a refund, the installer said of course it was not as good as the screen by itself but that is the trade you make for additional protection.

    I am not sure about the scratch protection because scratches do not happen that often in my personal experience. On the single occasion it did happen to my old iPhone it involved drop on a parking lot onto a rock that left a tiny scratch only visible under a bright light with the phone off. Cases provide protection to that level, if you want it.

    Long story boring, I got a refund on the GA but not the $10 installation. Lesson learned.

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